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Girly stuff meme June 11, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

So Widdle Shamrock tagged me for this meme and she had been tagged by Jayne, who was tagged by Jeanie who was tagged by Alison who was tagged by Megan who was tagged by Nunyaa who was …………………….. and so on and so forth.

So discussing our feminine wiles aye? lol

My Foundation:

Clean skin, nicely coloured hair, deoderant, a hint of perfum, my wedding rings and dangly earrings.

Not what they meant? Tough. That is my foundation.

I’m not a full on ‘frills and full make-up’ girly girl, I don’t wear ‘make up’ foundation unless I’m dressing to the nines for a special occasion, then it’s whatever I have lying around or even just a quick dusting of facial powder. Now honestly……….. why would I want to cover up my fabulous freckles? πŸ˜‰ lol

My Mascara:

Whatever was good and on sale in the avon catalogue last time I decided I needed a new one. Usually brown/black, occasionally blue.

My Day Cream:

Mary Kay Timewise Moisturiser – I LOVE Mary Kay skin care products – they are so gentle and work really well for me.

My Essential Beauty Product:

It’s a toss up. I need to pick two – Can’t go without moisturiser (I hate dry skin and am prone to it) and my hubby’s antiperspirant (cheaper, doesn’t irritate my nose and works better than a lot of ladies ones I’ve tried)

My Favourite Makeup Product:

My husband grinned at me suggestively when I asked his opinion on what I might put in answer to this question. He still doesn’t believe me that his ‘special cream’ isn’t a beauty product *rolls eyes*.


I know it’s not make-up but I would have to say hair dye. I can go without makeup, but I can’t go without at least retouching my roots every other month…………… though I often just go the whole hog and redo the lot in varying shades of auburn.

My Perfume:

Joop – suits me, suits my delicate nose

My Nails:

A daily supplement of zinc and silica and regular coating of Dr Lewinn’s Revitanail – this is hands down the best nail strengthening product I have EVER put on my nails. I’ll never have fantastic nails as I used to chew them so tend to be a little flat or misshapen, but they aren’t too shabby.

My Hands:

My tips – Wear gloves, avoid washing up πŸ˜‰

I use whatever moisturiser is lying around as long as it’s light and not greasy. I prefer the Mary Kay one when I have it, but when I don’t some Nivea or a cheap chemist brand cream works just as well.

My feet:

I use Avon cracked heel cream (even when my heels aren’t cracked which they aren’t very often) cos it’s cheap and it helps. Occasional foot spa’s followed by a foot scrub and intensive moisturising treatment.

I’m a barefoot kinda girl so bright toenails (preferably blue) are a must, as are comfy shoes for when I wear them.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:

Just three? Sigh.

1. Moisturiser

2. Leatherman

3. PSLS πŸ˜‰

Women I admire for their beauty:

The women I admire for their beauty aren’t celebrities or whatnot. They are women that I know and admire because their beauty is something that shines from within. Women like Widdle Shamrock, Anja and many others that I have gotten to know online, as well as many of my offline friends and mentors – all these women have beautiful hearts and souls (even if their minds are a little warped at times πŸ˜‰ lol)

Women with the Best Sense of Style:

I don’t think this is something that I can pin down with a few names tossed about. Style is to me, not just a fashion thing, it is a way of conducting yourself thing and there are many women that I admire for their ability to be gracious in all circumstances, for their ability to always know the right thing to say, for their cool heads and for their warm hearted ways with others.

My Ultimate Dream:

A few acres near the coast where we can build a shack, grow our own veges and visit the beach daily

How Do I Define Womanhood:

Embracing all facets of who we are and not being bound by convention, stereotypes or the expectations of others. Being comfortable enough in our own skin to not feel the need to pretend to be things I’m not. To not box myself in, to embrace my contrasting sides……………. You are just as likely to find an emery board, earrings and moisturiser while riffling through my kit bag or handbag as you are goggles, flash hood and a Leatherman. πŸ˜‰

My Favorite Fashion Publication:

Bushfire Bulletin, Gardening Australia and Handmade Magazine – I’m much more interested in reading about things that I enjoy/am interested in to nourish my mind/creative impulses/soul than gawking at sticks whose clothes I still wouldn’t fit into after a decade of starving myself. (PS – I don’t buy celebrity gossip magazines either………. does that make me a heathen? πŸ˜† )

So who’s next?

Anja, let us in on your styling secrets

Leechbabe, show us your girly ways

Naomi, give us some tips



1. Jayne - June 11, 2008

Haven’t heard about the Homemade mag before, having a gander now πŸ˜‰

2. Anja - June 11, 2008

I did the rotten thing *grumbles*

I love the smell of JOOP. πŸ™‚

3. Christie - June 11, 2008

Hehe, ‘special cream’ – so childish it’s funny! I wouldn’t have the guts to say that in a blog. Thanks for giving me a chuckle.

4. Casdok - June 11, 2008

Love your definition of womanhood!

5. Darla - June 13, 2008

I wonder how different your MK products are than the US. I was a MK sales director for yearssss and was in MK for almost 15 years.

Now I just liquidate US consultant’s inventory and sell it on ebay. =)

6. widdleshamrock - June 13, 2008

So you’re a bit of an Avon girl. So is my Mum.

Love what you put.

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