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Light em’ up! December 30, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas.

We love our Christmas Lights

I have attemtped to take some piccy’s for you of our lights.

I haven’t bothered attempting to take pictures of our pathetic efforts at decorating the inside of our home this year as it’s well…. pathetically non existant with all the busyness and rushing and dizzyness and being sickness this year.


Nothing spectacular – still had a lot of cars and a bus drive past gawking though lol


I love these little  lights! We had them along our front path – like mini fireworks to guide our footsies! lol


Our pressie lights are pretty cool too – I wanted to put them around Santa, but PSLS couldn’t quite figure out how to safely put Santa where I wanted him put…….. I must remember to start nagging him about putting up the lights a lot earlier next year!


This is the elf that is sitting next to our front door.

dsc00188And this is how long till we do it all over again – EEEEKKK!! Maybe I’ll be organised next year with that long to………. oh who am I kidding! 😉



1. Kin - December 30, 2008

Awww, I love Christmas lights! My father has a hatred of fairy lights that would rival the contempt held for Germany after WWII, so we don’t do many. And Hubby is so full of bah humbug it makes me ill. This year he gave our lights to the neighbour for her to put up in her backyard.

2. widdleshamrock - December 30, 2008

Awww that’s so perdie. I love Christmas lights.

3. Jayne - December 30, 2008

They’re great, B, love the fireworks one 🙂

4. Dina - December 30, 2008

The picture of the fireworks light looks like a fireworks show!

5. Anja - December 30, 2008

The mini fireworks lights are awesome. Even a Christmas Grinch like myself would go for them.

6. frogpondsrock - December 30, 2008

On christmas night I took Veronica into the hospital for a quick check over and on the way home we stopped to show Amy some of the Christmas lights and her reaction was priceless…
“ooooh boootiful, twinkle twinkle star boootiful”
I couldn’t thank those people but I can thank you instead.. xx Kim

7. brissiemum2 - December 30, 2008

They are gorgeous. I love Xmas lights. But I married the Grinch of Christmas, I think cause he hates the idea of putting up and taking down Xmas lights so we don’t have any! 😦

8. Pure Evyl - December 30, 2008

That elf looks hot. Perhaps he needs a beer and a tanktop.

9. magneto bold too - December 30, 2008

Your lights are awesome babe. We didn’t get around to outside lights this year. But if we did I would want it to be as lovely as yours…

10. river - December 30, 2008

Your lights are very pretty, but I really love the little toymaker elf. We don’t do outdoor lights here, we just walk around the streets looking at everyone else’s. Exercise that I wouldn’t otherwise get….

11. leechbabe - December 31, 2008

Beautiful lights. I love the little elf 🙂

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