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Like Hell December 29, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Well, it’s official – I’ve now been sick for a week.

Yup. Am still sick. Still coughing till I pee a little or feel like I’ve cracked a rib and getting intermittently dizzy when my temp soars.

And PSLS wants to go visit his dad.

Not a problem.

His dad lives in Canberra.

No hassle.

He wants to go on Wednesday……….

Like hell!

I’ll be stuffed if I’m going to spend my New Year’s Eve sitting for hours on end in a car travelling all over the countryside when I have precious booze at home needing to be drunk……. alcohol kills germs after all. Travelling on New Year’s Eve could seriously delay my recovery from this bug that I have 😉



1. anja - December 29, 2008

Flip PSLS the bird. You had a craptastic Christmas, and that booze and you deserve to get it on together in the comfort of your own home.

2. Dina - December 29, 2008

Stay home!

I insist on it.

And I’m a controlling dangerous bitch. You do NOT want to cross me.

I hope you feel better!!!!

3. widdleshamrock - December 29, 2008

A nice New Year’s at home is what the doctor orders.

Avec plenty of booze.

4. frogpondsrock - December 29, 2008

Send PSLS and the kids to Canberra and you stay home and recover xoxox

5. river - December 29, 2008

He wants to go on Wednesday? Fine. Let him go………
You have a date with a bed and a bottle of something.

6. Jayne - December 29, 2008

PSLS can take the kids with him, leaving you with your foot nailed to the floor with a gazillion litres of booze to drown the germies 😉

7. leechbabe - December 29, 2008

Nuke him from orbit.

It is the only way.


Plus it would make pretty fireworks 🙂

8. Kin - December 30, 2008

That’s gotta suck.

And I feel much the same today. Driving me up the wall when I have so much to do, and so little time!

Feel better k?

9. Naomi - December 30, 2008

Leechbabe has a VERY good point about the nuking!

GAH – snow is causing the text on this page to dance. How festively freaky!

10. PlanningQueen - December 30, 2008

Terrible time of the year to be sick. Hop eyou feel better soon.

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