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1. Gemisht - April 17, 2008

Bloody wordpress is giving me the shits this morning. Despite already signing out of my Desertqueen account it thinks that I was still signed in.

Can you delete my comment that is awaiting moderation where I am signed in as Desertqueen and I will repost one as the usual sign in

Bloody WordPress

Thanks 🙂

2. trishatruly - October 30, 2008


I LOVE your blog, Babe!! You are one wordy mama! I love all things Aussie and hearing from your posts about life there is making me want to come there for a visit ( Your country, not your home. Don’t panic!)
Just a note : in the header for your blog did you mean to write “beet” as in veggie or did you mean “beat” as in thrash? Just curious ’cause if you mean the veggie, well, that’s kinda interesting!

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