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100th Post

As I have followed along the blog journeys of others (like Kelley from magento bold too and Kin from Home of Slightly Cracked Dreams) I have discovered that is a apparently tradition for bloggers to write 100 things about themselves for their 100th post.

This is my 100th post.

So here goes

1 – I have hazel eyes.

2 – They can appear green or blue or brown depending on what I am wearing or how I am feeling

3 – I like to dye my hair

4 – Often

5 – I usually dye it red these days

6 – I used to prefer light brown/dark blonde when I was younger

7 – I’m only 34

8 – I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was 15

9 – well except for when I used to shave my head

10 – I used to shave it with a razor blade so it was “smooth as a babe’s bum” bald

11 – there was no particular reason for this other than I felt like it

12 – I kept my head shaved for almost 18 months

13 – I have a very sensitive spot on the top of my head that it almost hurts to drag a razor across

14 – my partner at the time loved my shaved head

15 – my ex partner is a freak

16 – my hubby is horrified at the idea that I ever shaved my head

17 – my hubby likes my hair long and threatens to divorce me if I ever shave my head again

18 – I threaten to shave my head to tease him when he’s annoying me

19 – my hubby is rather reserved, making him the complete opposite of the freak ex

20 – That’s part of what attracted me to my hubby

21 – My hubby is also a very stable guy, again the complete opposite of the freak ex, another point of attraction

22 – He also has a hot bod – the main point of attraction

23 – I like perving on my hubby

24 – While he’s in the shower

25 – he finds this quite amusing

26 – I am the outgoing one in our relationship

27 – He keeps me grounded and stops me doing idiotic things sometimes

28 – I like people (in general)

29 – as long as they don’t fuss at me

30 – I abhor fussy people

31 – they make me want to throw something

32 – I don’t like liars much either

33 – or people who try to manipulate everyone around them

34 – half my fire brigade are fussers, liars or manipulators

35 – did I mention that I’m a volunteer firefighter?

36 – I haven’t been on a fire-call since early this year though cos I’ve been sick

37 – I have been teaching other people how to be firefighters though

38 – or working in the communications centre

39 – I like doing comms

40 – Last time I did comms they hired me a zippy little silver magna to get back and forth in – was very zippy and very nice

41 – I like driving

42 – I prefer to drive a manual

43 – I learnt how to drive a manual in my at the time B/F’s paddy basher on his farm

44 – most of the guys in our circle of friends also let me drive their cars

45 – I’ve driven nearly every combination of car engine sizes and car gearbox configurations there is

46 – I sometimes think I’d be a good rally car driver

47 – my hubby prefers that I let him drive

48 – he doesn’t understand that I like driving

49 – my independence is a constant source of irritation for him

50 – but that’s better than the source of insecurity that it used to be

51 – took me a long time to learn to balance my need to be independent with his need to be needed

52 – my family taught me to be independent

53 – my younger siblings were all much needier than me so I had to look out for myself

54 – my siblings are 4, 8 and 12 years younger than me

55 – the first two are brothers, the youngest a sister

56 – I left home at 17

57 – my siblings were only 13, 9 and 5 at the time

58 – my sister and I don’t know each-other very well or feel close as she was so young when I left home

59 – I am much shorter than my siblings at a mere 5 feet 5 inches while they are all well over 6 foot tall

60 – I am the only one to graduate from year 12

61 – I am the only one who needs to wear glasses to drive – only one of them needs glasses and that is only for reading

62 – unlike my sister or (now ex) sis in laws I did not have my first baby at 16 or 17

63 – I am the only one that attends church

64 – my siblings are all quite stupid

65 – I say this as when I told them that I was adopted because I am shorter, need glasses, finished school, had kids later than them and go to church……. they believed me!

66 – my mother was horrified

67 – it doesn’t take much to horrify my mother

68 – my dad is emotionally absent from the family

69 – he loves my mum, but merely tolerates us kids

70 – he likes my hubby better than any of us kids

71 – it’s because they are quite alike

72 – at times I think I married my father

73 – yes, that’s creepy

74 – then I remember that my hubby is involved with his kids

75 – and I realise that I didn’t

76 – I still like to go fishing

77 – fishing was the only thing my dad used to do with me

78 – until I started growing boobs and he decided that he didn’t quite trust most of his fishing buddies

79 – I hated being a girl when was 12/13 years old

80 – my mother had to threaten me with bodily harm to get me to wear a bra when I was 13

81 – I sitll hate bra’s

82 – Hubby won’t let me leave the house without one

83 – truth be told I wouldn’t try to these days as I no longer have nice little perky boobies

84 – I ain’t skinny anymore either

85 – my weight is a constant source of frustration, anxiety and embarrassment

86 – I have lost 6 kilo’s since my hysterectomy

87 – I had a hysterectomy as I was very sick with anaemia, pain and “women’s problems” for most of this year

88 – And I had a cervical cancer near miss last year

89 – it’s no fun being in a cancer treatment programme

90 – I’ll never have to have a pap smear again

91 – so my in-laws won’t be getting rid of me that easily mwahahahaha

92 – I have 3 sets of in-laws – my ex in-laws, my mother in law and step father in law & my father in law and step mother in law

93 – I get on with my ex in-laws and my step mother in law best

94 – My mother in law and step father in law don’t know where we live cos hubby refused to tell them after we moved 6 months ago

95 – they are majorly PISSED OFF at us over that!!

96 – not nearly as pissed off as I was at my ex sis in law who screwed around on my brother for months, picked at him constantly and left him in such a state of depression that he tried to hang himself

97 – I was arrested earlier this year for giving her a clip (an open handed flick) up the back of the head for lying to mutual friends about the circumstances of their breakup while he was in hospital under suicide watch

98 – I’d never hit anyone before in my life or been arrested….. although the arresting officer did tell me that next time I get in trouble I’d better make sure I actually hurt the person, not just mess up their hair so that it’s worth my while

99 – this is why I need my hubby to balance me out – he wasn’t home when all this happened so its all his fault. Of course.

100- isn’t it funny that I didn’t even need to mention my kids……… I guess my identity isn’t completely wrapped up in being a mum



1. 100th Post On 100 Things « Dances to the beet of her own drum’s Weblog - December 11, 2007

[…] 100th Post […]

2. Bettina - December 11, 2007

well they are lol

3. Nikki - December 11, 2007

LOVE IT !!!!!

You are a nong, and I luffs ya.

4. Anja - December 11, 2007

Funny, poignant and so you. Damn, woman – you can write!!!! In 100 short points you can tell the most incredible story.

And you should have done more than messed her hair up. *giggles*

5. Lightening - December 12, 2007

How did you reach 100 posts already?????? You obviously talk more than even I do!!! Although lately I have taken to just leaving essays in people’s comment boxes. A very interesting list of things. 🙂

P.S. Guess now I’d better go and change your blog details in my blogrolls. 🙂
Before I forget.
Or you might give me a clip up the back of the head. LOL.

6. Bettina - December 12, 2007

Yeah, I’m a little talkative, and I’ve had a bit of time on my hands lately………… and I’m talkative lol

Yes me clipping people up the back of the head is now a great joke……… a g/f who saw all the gory details in the newspaper rang me up and asked me what on earth I was doing then commented that my bible study (which is where it happened) sounded “a bit rough” lmao

7. Trish - December 15, 2007

that was a brilliant list – I like your style .Well I don’t think it would be fun to be arrested but she deserved it …I just read about the bible study.That would eb hard to explain to your pastor but hey God forgives.

8. Bettina - December 15, 2007

Thanks Trish. No it wasn’t a lot of fun being arrested, but I know most of the local coppers and they thought it was hilarious. The pastors were really good about it all – they were more concerned about the distress I was in and after she refused to accept their counsel not to go to the police they asked her not to come back due to her dishonesty and rebeliousness. They have known me for years and knew it was completely out of character.

9. magneto bold too - December 17, 2007

That was brilliant babe. Looks like you did what I did just go with the madness of our brains and type….



10. Bettina - December 17, 2007

Thanks Kelley – was much easier to just go with the flow than to try to make proper individual points. I had a lot of fun writing that!

11. oirishlad - May 30, 2008

Wow! How long did it take for you to write this post?

12. Bettina - May 30, 2008

about 40 minutes oirishlad!

and I was giggling through a lot of it.

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