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New Year Reflections December 31, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Well I guess it’s that time of the year again for a sappy, reflective ‘look what I did this year and here’s what I’m going to do next year’ post

I’m thinking that I should do what I did last year and start with the ‘anti-resolutions’ β„’ first!

So here’s my list of things I WON’T be doing again in 2009

  • associating with truly mad internets who turn into scary ass obsessive stalker types
  • dropping an axe on my foot WHILE hosting a slumber party for 9 year old boys
  • contemplate driving myself to hospital after self inflicting a potentially serious injury
  • going anywhere near an axe without my fireboots on
  • having any form of contact with my freak ex except through a lawyer
  • letting Miss Lou out of reach again

All in all though, it’s been a pretty good year.

I managed not to burn anything down this year.

I haven’t hit any kangaroos.

I also haven’t been arrested, moved house, been sick for most of the year, or had any more surgery. I have put on a little more weight though (grrr) and been involved with legal wranglings with the freak though, but still, that’s not a bad effort at keeping my resolutions for the year! lol

And highs! We’ve had some great high points this year!

Our fantastic camping trip, our trip to Sydney, meeting up with my coven sisters, bring Widdle Shamrock home for a few days, playing in snow for the first time,Β  trips to Wollongong and Dubbo, celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary, growing some of our own veges this year.

Oh and by the way, my goal of having a home grown salad for Christmas? We did it! We had our own lettuce, carrot, shallots, onions, and snow peas and we swapped some lettuces with another home gardener in exchange for apple cucumbers and beans. Enough for a salad of sorts! lol. We did buy a capsicum and some tomatoes, but still, I’m really proud of that effort!!

The year ahead will be challenging I’m sure. Readjusting to having 3 kids underfoot instead of 2, dealing with a teen dealing with adjusting to another new school and trying to fit in with her peer group, stretching our finances to feed the extra mouth, balancing everyones needs/wants/activities/challenges/etc out and continuing to try to simplify our lives in terms of how we live and the things that are important to us is going to take a lot of effort, a lot of compromising, a lot of negotiating and a lot of energy. But it will be oh so worth it!

I think the simplifying bit will be key…… so with this in mind we of the coven fame and our select group of friends have declared 2009 to be the year of NO FUCKTARDS!! (now imagine yourself saying that in the voice of that dude from the short lived national bingo show while wearing a hinky ref shirt πŸ˜› )

By fucktards we mean those idiots who suck us dry and kill our joy. That means you. Yes you, she of the ‘my-shit-don’t-stink-and-you’d-better-believe-that-you-are-jealous-of-me-and-I’ll-tell-everyone-I-know-how-you-picked-on-me’ pathetic sub fucktard species. And you. Yes you of the ‘oh-poor-little-me-having-so-much-on-my-plate-but-don’t-feel-sorry-for-me-or-suggest-that-I’m-depressed-or-I’ll-deny-it-all-and-throw-a-tantrum’ idiot sub fucktard species. And you, of the ‘oh-look-at-me-and-my-imaginary-illness- oh-please-please-please-pay-attention-to-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ sub fucktard cross cruel bitch species. That doesn’t mean you, the person over there who likes to hang about but isn’t sure what to say. We like you. *pats you on the head*

Now can you imagine how much less stressful life would be with no fucktards in it? Wouldnt your life benefit from having a few less energy sucking, emotionally draining fucktards sapping the life out of you?

Let us unite and free ourselves of fucktards for good! Join our fucktard revolution and declare 2009 your year of freedom!




1. widdleshamrock - December 31, 2008


I am just thrilled that Miss Lou is home where she belongs.

And meeting you guys was just the best thing that happened this year for me.

2. leechbabe - December 31, 2008

Happy New Year πŸ™‚

Having Miss Lou home will be fabulous and frustrating, but I’m so glad you have her back with the family now.

No Fucktards Allowed. I like that.

3. anja - December 31, 2008

The high point and a half would have to be bringing your Lou back home. It’s been one helluva year.

No Fucktards Allowed. I shall be snaffling that for inclusion in my end of year post.

4. Jayne - December 31, 2008

You’ve had a great year – axe, toes and fucktards not withstanding – and it must feel fantastic to have Lou back where she belongs πŸ˜€
Love the No Fucktards sign, going to pinch it for my blog, too πŸ˜‰

5. Prizetastic - December 31, 2008

OMG the fucktard thing totally made me LOL hahaha πŸ˜€ SO very very true…. I try and rid my life of fucktards frequently, after all we only get one life so why let other idiots drag you down πŸ˜€

Sorry been very MIA for a while, it’s nice to drop back in and catch up πŸ˜€ Finally am able to get back online and blog…. Hope you had a wonderful christmas, so glad to hear Miss Lou is home with you and hope you have a rocking New Year’s tonight…..

See you in 2009 πŸ˜€

6. river - December 31, 2008

What a very full year you’ve had. Having Miss Lou home for good will be so much better for everyone concerned, even though at times you’ll be tearing your hair out with the frustrations. (keep that hair, you may need to have it woven into a wig later, when you’ve torn out the last of it, haha)
I hope 2009 is a great year for y’all. Happy New Year.

7. dancingwithfrogs - December 31, 2008

Ah… resolutions….

I’m not doing them this year. Have a lovely 2009. All of you.

8. Gemisht - January 1, 2009

So glad that you will have Miss Lou home with you. I am sure that the adjusting will be hard, but well worth it.

Best of wishes to all of you for the New Year, I hope that it is axe injury free for you πŸ™‚

9. anonymum - January 1, 2009

Now that WAS a year wasn’t it?
I hope the New Year brings nothing but good things for all of you…and I do hope you mange to keep all your fingers and toes too!
So nice to know your little family is all in one place where it belongs…been a long time since mine has been that way, so I’m quite jealous…..
Loving the No Fucktards thing too….it’s a word that can fit so many people isn’t it? Maybe we should campaign for hunting season on the bastids???

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11. magneto bold too - January 2, 2009

Hellz yeah!

Here’s to the year of Fucking Awesome. No fucktards allowed.

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13. Trish - January 3, 2009

I have a no troll spray too if you want to borrow it.

I would love to know who she was.

I am all over the place today so if I didn’t already wish you …
I wish you a wonderful 2009 , an abundance of love, laughter, good health and happiness especially having MIss LOu home – horray ! and of course many more blogable moments for next years reflections-

I must get onto my list – they might all be ” to try”

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