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Screw Up Tuesday October 14, 2008

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This weeks ‘Fuck up of the week’ award needs to be split between two very worthy recipients. Half the award belongs without a shadow of a doubt to the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) who, after bringing in the new fatigue management laws for truck drivers, gave out the wrong information regarding the change over from the old style driver log books to the new style work diaries for interstate drivers.

The RTA told my PSLS that he didn’t need to change his book over until his current one ran out of pages, apparently there is a phase in period in NSW and was meant to be in the other states as well.

Unfortunately there is no such phase in for the new work diaries in those other states who gave drivers 14 days to change over to the new ones. The RTA has been giving out the wrong information to drivers for the past month.

Good thing hubby was told about the inconsistancy by some other drivers and chased it up or he coulda been in some shit given that 75% of his runs these days are to Vic or SA.

The other half of the award goes to the SWIL who decided to take my nephew swimming over the weekend despite his broken arm still being in a cast! Yes I am dead serious. She is that stupid.

She thought a plastic bag would keep the water out and when it didn’t, dried his cast using her hairdryer. No, I have no idea what she was thinking. Truth be told I don’t think she is capable of actual thought and functions purely on random impulse.

So, got any stuff ups to share this week?

Anything that makes you want to giggle at the stupidity of others or shake your head at the absurdity of the world? Go on, tell us all the juicy details…….. you know you want to 😉 !


Harsh Lessons September 25, 2008

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My bro is getting a crash course in some harsh lessons the past few days.

It’s damn hard to reason with someone who doesn’t think straight.

It’s damn hard to reason with someone who’s paranoia is out of control.

It’s damn hard to reason with someone who constantly tries to manipulate you.

It’s damn hard to reason with someone who doesn’t understand that their actions have consequences.

It’s damn hard to reason with someone who doesn’t understand how badly her poor choices are impacting their children, who doesn’t understand that you aren’t trying to punish them but merely protect your kids.

It’s heart breaking when you realise that your children are never going to have the relationship with their other parent that they deserve because that parent just isn’t capable of it regardless of their love for the children or their good intentions.

There are moments when you want to rage at the injustice of it all.

There are moments when you feel trapped by the harshness of it all.

There are moments when the grief for what will never be is overwhelming.

There are no winners here.

All you can do is give the kids the best chance at stability and safety for the day to day life and let everything else fall where it may.

Harsh lessons indeed.

Screw Up Tuesday September 23, 2008

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On a more serious note, it turns out that the biggest screw up of the week would belong to the SWIL who didn’t show up to get custody/access orders approved by the court last year when she had my bro over a barrel by moving to get custody before he could find the money for a lawyer and after he moved out of town.

Since she didn’t bother showing up to court, the orders she was trying to get pushed through allowing him very limited access were thrown out and there are no current orders in place.

My bro did some checking and with no orders in place there is nothing to stop him taking and keeping his kids and applying for new orders so that’s just what he did.

She’s furious.

He’s standing his ground.

She reckons he’s trying to punish her or get back at her.

He keeps trying to tell her that it’s not about her, that it’s about protecting his kids.

She wants him to bring the kids back and for things to go back how they were.

He told her like hell, that the kids deserve better and that she needs to get tested for bi-polar (which we seriously think she has and would explain a lot)

This will be interesting.

The kids are 8 (B, my nephew) and 5 (J, my niece). They really do deserve better. They deserve to not have a constant stream of substance addicted, abusive men paraded through their home, they deserve the opportunity to go to school regularly, they deserve a stable home life where someone helps them with their homework, sets consistant boundaries and takes care of them properly.

Here’s hoping that common sense prevails.

Last week September 22, 2008

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of school before the holidays.

I need a holiday.

A break from the routine.

Some time to just sit on my hands and not have to think about anything or anyone else.

Bring on Friday!!


For those of you following the chronicles of the SWIL (Skank arse Whore Sis in Law), she’s done a beauty this time! Last week when the kids *should* have been at school and werent, she took them up tot he skate park with no protective gear on. My nephew B had a fall. His arm was noticebly swollen and sore. But did she seek medical attention for him? Hell no!  She decided that it was about time his father did some of the running around with him and told him so THE NEXT MORNING when my bro went to pick up the kids to take them to school. His arm is broken. Luckily a simple fracture, but still.

If that’s not enough to get the attention of “the powers that  be that can remove at risk children from the hands of stupid deadshit mothers” then I dunno what is.

We also found out WHY the kids sleep so much. We couldn’t figure out how she was managing to have the kids in bed by 8pm every night and then they still have problems getting up in time for school in the mornings. My kids, on 12 hours sleep are bouncing off the fricking walls. B told his dad (in conversation) that dinner is just about always 2 minute noodles or packet pastas or whatnot. They don’t eat meat or vegetables much anymore. But then it makes sense from her perspective. Kids that are lacking in get up and go won’t argue as much or make as many demands on her in her drug befuddled state and think of all the money she’s saving for her next score.

My bro has had enough. He’s finally decided to fight her for them and not a moment too soon.

Bingo Anyone? September 4, 2008

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Today heralds the first day of ‘Operation Get Nan Socialised’ so I’m taking her out for the afternoon to our local services club for an afternoon of bingo. 

Ah shuddup.

I can hear you sniggering as you imagine me locked in a smoke filled room with the blue haired mafia blotting away with our blotting pens in a frenzy of bingo madness! 

Clubs went non-smoking ages ago dontchya know? 

Anyhow, I hope she enjoys it.

I hope she can hear it. 

It mightn’t be near as exciting as her $500 win on the pokies yesterday, but it’s still an afternoon out with her favourite grand-daughter-in-law in plush club comfort surrounded by other people.   

I just have to remember not to try to follow whatever stories she may try to tell me so that my head doesn’t explode! 

Nan’s stories, while fascinating, make my head spin. 

As interesting as it is knowing that she thinks my bro in law is a ‘ lying mongrel bastard’ and that my younest sis in law is ‘too interested in having men’s things stuck up her’ or that she’s disowned this child or that grandchild or whose weddings/funerals/christenings/birthdays etc she’s been to, it’s really hard to follow. 

Her stories drift in and out of each other and the next one is started before the last one is finished. A story may come back in again half an hour after it was begun and discarded. 

I got to love how she always makes herself out to be this placid, super polite, charming little ol’ duck when in reality she’s got a temper the size of Mt St Helen’s! 

Anyhow, wish me luck as I foray into the blue haired bingo maze and if I’m not back by 4pm, someone send out a search party!!

And ‘She’ is at it again September 3, 2008

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The MIL that is.

She showed up at PSLS’s nan’s house yesterday acting like the dutiful daughter because she had bought some people over from Grenfell for the day for the community transport service and she had some time to kill.

Ignored me completely when PSLS and I arrived so that I could shower Nan.

Ignored PSLS’s sis A when she arrived, just took off with her baby.

Scowled a lot when A made mention of us seeing bub regularly.

Tried to turn the conversation to discussion about her ‘dodgy hip’ and how she ‘shouldn’t even be driving’ when Nan commented to her about how I was helping her shower now. Mind you, I was the one using a farkin walking stick yesterday not her.

She never asked after our kids or A’s older son once.

Ignored A’s hubby later in the day, barging past him without acknowledging his greeting at their front door when dropping off a blanket A had left behind at Nan’s earlier.

Didn’t ask to see her grandson while she was there.

And she wonders why her kids are pissed off with her

*shakes head*

Serendipity August 29, 2008

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to borrow a term from Widdle Shamrock

Last year when I was anaemic and having lots of back pain I found myself forced to SLOW DOWN.

I was physically unable to do all the things I had been doing. All events outside the home were severely curtailed and once I stopped fighting what was happening and accepted that SLOWING DOWN was what I needed to do, I started to enjoy it.

I had the chance to sort out the things that were really important to me and actually had the energy to do them because I wasn’t also doing half a dozen other things that I thought we *should* be doing.

And I’m enjoying it. I don’t want to go back to running from pillar to post all the time again.

This week with PSLS’s nan staying with us has bought to our attention some extra responsibilities that we’ll need to take on with her moving to town. We need to help with Nan’s care. Uncle S needs the support and help and after years of struggling on his own, he needs some respite.

My mum said to me this morning ‘See, this is why you had to slow down last year or you wouldn’t have the time or energy needed to help with Nan now’.

She could be onto something…………

A couple of years ago I was studying welfare and found myself having to complete an assignment where I had to interview persons working for different services and complete a profile of the service they were working for. Our town has a lot of services for aged people. I made a lot of good contacts through the interview process. Contacts that I still use from time to time when arranging some brigade community events. Contacts that will come in very handy for organising support services for helping with Nan’s care.

It’s getting spooky

Then add in my father’s diagnosis with diabetes and my sis in laws gestational diabetes and we have other close family members with the same medical problem, all having experience with the medications and figuring out the dietary stuff. Uncle S is feeling a lot more confident that we’ll get a handle on Nan’s diet soon now knowing that there is a whole group of us figuring this stuff out and not just him.

Sometimes when things like this happen I am reminded of Shep asking Jillian in ‘By The Light Of The Moon’ (Dean Koontz) if she can feel the ’round and round of all that is’ – events, stages, phases of life. They all seem to go round and round and interact with each other in  big continuous circles that are ever changing but always fit together somehow.