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Sleeping Beauty? February 19, 2008

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Fell asleep after tea I did. Could not keep my eyes open for another second and Had. To. Have. a half hour snooze.

Yesterday I helped out at the school canteen for a few hours making lunches for thirty billion people at the swimming carnival. Then I walked down to the chapel (only 2 mins – it’s in the school grounds) for a 1/2 hour of prayer group.

Today I went to bible study and caught up with some g/f’s I hadn’t seen for a while, had my final post op check up (all good and clear yay!) and did SOME of the grocery shopping.

I think part of the problem is that I ran out of iron tablets last week and thought I’d be right without them till today.

Anyhow, I have nothing on for the rest of the week now so should be all rested and energised again soon so that I can regale you with mind numbing stories and hand out some pretty bling to all my pretties.


I’m still tired…………….. February 1, 2008

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Early last year I became anaemic.  I was so run down that I would HAVE TO nap three sometimes four times a day. If I didn’t  I would often get to a point where I would drop off to sleep no matter where or what I was doing simply because my body had really had enough and needed to shut down for a bit. (The most dramatic example of this was my kitchen fire last year.) If I tried to do something “normal” like working in the school canteen or going to do a big grocery shop, I would literally need to sleep for most of the next day or two (sometimes three). As it progressed I gradually cut all of my activities, prayer group, bible study, sewing group, brigade, helping at the kids school, swimming, gym, church. I didn’t have the energy for any of them. Just leaving the house to sit at someone else’s house for a couple of hours was incredibly taxing.

And people didn’t understand. I mean I looked OK. I was taking vitamin supplements wasn’t I? And I didn’t understand. I was taking supplements damn it!

Then the doctors decided that I should have a hysterectomy. Six to eight weeks for initial recovery they tell me, six to twelve months for full recovery. I’m at 9 weeks. My recovery from the op was easy. Not much pain or discomfort. I was very lucky. I thought to myself “Six to eight weeks. That will put me as being back on track by the time school starts back and I’ll be able to jump back into things where I had to leave off 8 months ago.”

I am so stupid. I’m still tired. And while I might be mostly recovered from the immediate effects of my operation, I’m not recovered from everything that led up to it. The busyness of the past few days with back to school routine has knocked me on my ever widening arse!  Just getting up with the kids in the mornings, keeping a very basic household routine through the day (no heavy cleaning involved) and getting everyone’s reading/music practice/books covered/lunches made at night is exhausting me.

I realised while I was reading Naomi’s blog the other night that I had some really unrealistic expectations of myself. I thought that having had my op and having been on supplements for six months that I should be OK by now. I didn’t take into account that the problem causing the anaemia started 19 months ago,  wasn’t solved until  late November and that the supplements had been a mere stop gap to prevent it getting worse, not make it better,  so even though I’ve been taking the supplements for so long, it’s only in the past few days that I can tell that my levels are starting to return to normal.

How do I know?

My pee has turned yellow. (Weren’t expecting that answer were you?) That really bright fluro yellow that your pee goes when your vitamin supplements aren’t all being used up and are flushing through your body. The whole time that I have been taking these supplements, this is the first time that has happened.

I really need to remember that it took me nineteen months to get that sick, so I need to give myself more than two months to get better. So instead of vainly trying to jump back into my busy old life, I’m now going to continue to take things easy. I’m going to sit down with my family and explain that ‘mum isn’t quite ready to be normal again’ (and they’ll say “were you ever normal?”) and re divvy up the household chores. I’m going to slowly add activities back into my week, one at a time, over the next twelve months starting with helping at the school canteen once a month (late this month). I’m going to think about my choices of where I put my time and energy and cut completely the things that I find draining………….. I’m thinking that this time NEXT year is a much more realistic time frame for feeling like I should have everything all back together again.

Do something for yourself this year…………….. January 1, 2008

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Get a check up. AND have your damn pap smears!

I was reading Riayn’s latest post Things I Want To Do In 2008 this afternoon. One of the things she discusses as wanting to do for herself this year is to have a pap smear.

I KNOW it can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and just plain scary having to lie on a table half undressed and all exposed, while someone pokes cold gel and implements into your girly bits and scrapes bits off. I know it can hurt some people (despite them saying it won’t).

BUT I also KNOW what it feels like to be told that you’ve had a bad test result. I KNOW how it feels to kick yourself for not having had the test when you were meant to and picking it up sooner. I KNOW what it feels like to have to have some of your bits and pieces removed and to then have to go have tests every few months instead of every couple of years cos you are now in a “cancer treatment programme“.

You want to talk scary? Being told you are now in a cancer treatment programme at age 34 when you have 3 children is damn scary. Much much scarier than having the pap smear in the first place.  And I have friends who have been diagnosed at 26 and 24.

It can happen to anyone. It could definately happen to you too. What would it mean to your family, to your friends if something were to happen to you? Do you think about that when you decide to ignore your pap smear?

For the love of all that is good and your families/friends. GO HAVE THE TEST!

Put aside your embarrassment, awkwardness and fear. Don’t let it be “one of those things that I never seem to remember“.  Make sure that if there is a problem that it is caught early enough to successfully treat it.

Your life could depend on it.

Can A Mother Get Any Privacy? December 18, 2007

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No I’m not talking about going to the loo or having a shower without an audience. I’m talking about just living my day to day life.

Can a mother get any privacy in which to stuff up, make mistakes, have accidents and be stupid without it being splashed all over town?

Apparently not.

I have had members of not one but two churches and half the school praying for my fast recovery from my cancer scare last year, my hysterectomy this year and various other ailments. (Not that I don’t appreciate the prayers cos I really do). 

I’ve had people at the school that I only know to say hello to ask me about our move or wish me happy birthday.

And I’ve had virtual strangers ask me about stuff that just gobsmacked me.

My son (God love him) loves to pray and his class has prayer time every morning (the kids go to a catholic school). He prays about anything and everything that pops into his ever loving little head. Obviously he is a little too young yet to realise that mum might be embarrassed to have so many little people praying for the health of her cervix or other womanly bits and pieces. And of course from there things zip around the school and then the parish at light speed. It’s faster than taking out on add in the school newsletter or parish bulletin!

And lets not forget show and tell……… today he took in part of the broken grill from our car that I picked up off the road after we hit the frickin roo the other day. Sigh.  I’m sure that he would have taken some of the burnt debris from the fire the other week in too had he been able fit it in his bag.

He’s just this year learnt some modesty and stopped with the nuddie runs all over the house. Hopefully soon he’ll learn the concept of privacy too so I can stuff up, make mistakes, have accidents and be stupid without being also being embarrassed because every man and his dog knows about it! 

Last of the Great Romantics! December 14, 2007

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So my hubby practically growls at me the other day that I’d better hurry up and get healed so he can jump my bones.

 Doesn’t a proposal like that just make you want to kick something  swoon?


Damn! December 11, 2007

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I had my post surgery follow up appointment today.

 I drove myself there.

I walked into the waiting room and presented myself to reception……… walking normally, without a twinge of pain.

Then I saw the other chick who had a hysterectomy  the same day as me. She’s still sore. Very, very sore. She moves slowly and carefully and is obviously sore. For a moment I feel guilty, then laugh at myself for feeling guilty over my own good fortune.

My surgeon tells me I look good. He says my wound is healing nicely. He is very pleased that I’m having no pain or problems.

Then comes the kicker.

He tells me my biopsy results. They weren’t normal. The cancer cells were back.

If I hadn’t had the hysterectomy, I would have needed surgery in the next month or two anyhow to remove this batch of bad cells. That would have been two surgeries for this in the space of 20 months.  As things stand now, I’m clear and won’t need anymore tests for at least 3 years instead of every 3 to 6 months.

*huge sigh of relief*

And some people thought I was mad having a hysterectomy so young.  

100th Post On 100 Things December 11, 2007

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Well, this was a HUGE post so I gave it it’s own page.

 Click on the page link above or here to see it.

Cheers big ears! 🙂