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More ‘P’ December 22, 2008

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I left something off my ‘P’  list yesterday ………….


I learnt piano for a while as a child, my kids are learning piano now.

TJ’s reading has shown a dramatic improvement since he started. Music is all about patterns after all as is reading. CJ loves her music and will be starting grade work early next term. Miss Lou will be restarting lessons next term as well after a long break because the freak didn’t consider that kind of thing terribly important or beneficial.

We used to go practice at mum’s or on the electric keyboard with weighted keys that I bought for at home but no longer. We were one of the families that received the government’s ‘save the economy’ bonus – so we chose to invest it in our kids rather than spoiling them for Christmas and bought this –


Isn’t it lovely?

It’s a 1924 J Schiller of Berlin piano.


It has a lovely sound and the kids are really enjoying playing on it.


Simple Pleasures Sunday November 23, 2008

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Cucumber plant starting to take off


Zucchini’s soon big enough to be picked


Mystery plant taking root


Another mystery plant coming up in amoung my spider plants offshoots


Pea on my hands again – snow pea that is 😉

To join in leave a comment and I’ll add your link. 🙂

Simple Pleasures Sunday November 16, 2008

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Rolling in the dirt


Checking out the veges


Picking a good spot for new plants to go

Simple Pleasures Sunday November 9, 2008

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My first strawberries!


They tasted good too!!

Simple Pleasures Sunday November 2, 2008

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So yesterday evening we got out in the garden and harvested some of our produce

I was very pleased to be able to cart a bucketful of veges back down to my kitchen

TJ was quite fascinated with the whole project. It’s one thing for me to try to explain what grows under ground and how, but quite another to him to be able to actually see them being dug up

He kept exclaiming in wonder how ‘FRESH!’ everything smelt. lol

I reckon we ended up with nearly a kilo of onions, 3 kilos of spuds, a kilo of carrots and 6 good heads of cauliflower plus a couple of punnets of berries yesterday. Not bad at all

And no chemicals, no transporting, no cold storage, no nothing

Saturday – Smiley and otherwise November 1, 2008

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Well, after a week of wild winds that saw me quite hesitant to venture outside and the watering of our seedlings being left in the care of my children, we’ve lost the lot. Apparently two squirts from a spray bottle is more than enough water *shakes head*

Meantime though I finally tracked down some ‘how to’ guides for my digital camera. I’ve been quite inspired by some of the great pics that some of the bloggers on my blogroll take, particularly Guera who shares what she’s learning with us. So this morning I took my camera off auto, tweaked various settings and set off through my garden to experiment.

I got some results that I’m quite pleased with and then figured out how to watermark my pics using Picasa 3 (beta) before uploading them to my blog and now you can see for yourself.

We are starting to see fruit on some of our trees.


Mulberries – we are seriously considering making jam to give as pressies to rellies with the fruit this year.

Nectarines nom nom nom

Then we have some exciting things happening in the vege garden

Our first baby zuchinnis!

Flowers on the tomato plants

Our first home grown spuds just dug up.

Onions bulbing nicely

One of my shallots getting ready to flower – I’m planning on collecting the seeds.

It seems there are quite a few of us busy in our gardens lately

Marita is getting her garden undeway in between working on her stitching projects

Talia shared some pics from hers the other day

Kin hasn’t updated us for a few weeks, but is growing lots of things in pots -perhaps she needs some encouragement?

Trish showed off her gorgeous roses the other day

Kate has been participating in The Growing Challenge and sprouting lots of seedlings

Karen showed off her garden fortifications so that they, not the possums, may enjoy the fruits of their labours

Lightening is just starting her summer garden. You might pop over and share whats making you smile with her this week.

And lastly, my green friend Widdle Shamrock is too busy to garden as she’s raising a baby piglet by hand

Happy gardening, happy photographing and happy piglet raising!

Simple Pleasures Sunday September 7, 2008

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Playing in the dirt vege garden planting out new seedlings.


Seeing how things are growing……

A fancy lettuce (never mind the weeds)


Checking on my newest seedings –

watermelon, rockmelon, cucumber & capsicum

Annoying the PSLS

Sitting back and letting the kids water in the seedlings

We are hoping to be able to make a completely ‘home grown salad’ for Christmas lunch this year.

I think we are well on our way. 🙂