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Menu Plan Monday May 5, 2008

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Our pay/shopping week is Tuesday to Tuesday so I’m finding I need to include the following Monday in my plan.

Monday – Spag Bol

Tuesday – Chicken and chips

Wednesday – Meat pie, wedges and veges

Thursday – Chicken Macaroni Bake

Friday – Sausages, Mash & veges

Saturday – make your own pizza/fritters/toasted sandwiches etc

Sunday – Rissoles, baked veges & greens

Monday – Fish, pasta & vege

Vege for us is frequently cabbage, peas, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli carrot or cauliflower and usually everything except the peas are fresh not frozen. I’m really looking forward to being able to eat my own veges from my own garden soon.

For more menu planning ideas or organising tips head over to Laura’s.


Smiley Saturday February 2, 2008

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Welcome to another edition of Smiley Saturday brought to you by Lightening`s Online

My smiley moments from this week…………………..

* Hubby managed to snaffle himself an extra run. Despite it cutting into our weekend family time, it provides a much needed boost to our budget right at the moment.

* TJ’s new glasses finally showed up on Friday morning and he is happy with his teachers for this year.

* Miss Moo ended up with the home room teacher that I was hoping she would get. Mr H expects a lot from his students and helps keep them grounded as they enter adolescence and approach high school.

* Miss Lou is settling in nicely to her new school (so far). She has made a couple of friends. Likes her room mates and all the teachers she has met……….. she seems quite happy.

* I made the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers list (hahaha) debuting at number 71!

* I also started my first official day as a moderator over at Aussie Bloggers Forum yesterday. Woohoo   The power, the power!!! lmao

* I also realised that I am not superwoman, was never superwoman and will never be superwoman and need to start thinking and behaving like a mere mortal for a change. (see yesterdays post if this doesnt make sense to you)

To read more Smiley Saturday moments or to share your own, head on over to Lightenings.

Door to Door January 24, 2008

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This afternoon Miss Moo was looking at the door stickybeaking at what my TJT (TJ the Terrorist) was doing and in the process of dobbing on him for watering on a non watering day when she noticed a rather strange fat man (SFM) walking up our driveway.

“Mum there’s some weird guy in our driveway” she yells out then stands there with the front door open watching him. TJT meantime is completely oblivious to any persons in his vincinity and is busily spraying water every where possible around our front patio and inadvertantly keeps the SFM from making it to our front door.

I go to the front door, growl at TJT to turn the hose off and am spied by the SFM who happens to be wearing a World Vision t-shirt.

He starts his spiel (from the path not the front door step lol) about how he’s with World Vision and is not looking for donations, as I can see he does not have a yellow donation bucket on his person, but instead he is looking for just a few big hearted people to give some poor children in third world countries a better life. He tells me that “they” (the mythical they people) said that there are no big hearted people in your town, but he knows that “they” are wrong and would just like 5 minutes of my time to explain and he is sure that I will want to help prove “them” wrong. At which point I cut him off and politely explain that we are not in a position to help at this point in time before shutting the door so he can’t continue the dialogue.

I loathe those kind of spiels. The “if you really had a big heart you’d help” or “if you are good friend you’d do this” or ” prove you are a christian by doing this” type of spiels really tick me off!! You want to appeal to me, appeal to my sense of compassion, appeal to my intelligence, appeal to my logic, appeal to my mothering instincts or my sense of justice.

Don’t guilt me.

I’m not an idiot. I know what you are doing and your little guilt inducing shtick does nothing but make me want to push you over, kick your arse, call you a dipshit and roll you through the dust that is my driveway onto the road, hopefully into the path of on oncoming vehicle.

Not wanting to sponsor a third world child through World Vision does not mean that I do not have a big heart, it means that I prefer not to sponsor children through World Vision. It means that I prefer to spend the majority of my charitable money locally. It means that I prefer to send my money to non local charities through my local church or other organisations of my choice. Personally I prefer to sponsor a child in a developing country through  The Salvation Army.  You could sponsor two children for less than what it costs to sponsor one through World Vision (and that idea should appeal to some of my thrifty readers! lol).

Having someone from World Vision show up on my doorstep doing a canvas raised some questions for me though. How much are they paying these people to canvas for them? Where does that money come from? Does it come from the sponsorship money that other people donate to the organisation? Would they think that was an appropriate use? Makes me wonder if World Vision has gotten so big that they have lost sight of their vision.

Ugh! Not Cricket!! January 18, 2008

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I know I mustn’t be terribly Australian for saying this……….. but I cannot stand watching cricket on telly!! Cricket on telly is however, my hubby’s idea of a good night in. Perhaps it is uncharitable of me, but after the day I’ve had, having to indulge my spouse’s cricket fetish is NOT on my list of things to do.

Today we had planned a morning of horse-riding with friends, followed by an early birthday party/BBQ at the pool for lunch before we spent the afternoon doing a little shopping and some errands before going to church for Miss Lou to make her First Reconciliation and Eucharist then dropping her out to her grandparents house. Miss Lou needs to do the sacraments as she will be going to a Catholic boarding school and the freak is a catholic hating pentecostal so she hasn’t had the chance to do them before now.

The day started out well. Sure I overslept by half an hour, but I still managed to get out the front door on time, smelling nice, looking put together and with nearly everything I needed for the day’s outings (including jackets). We picked up everyone on time and met up with the friends we were going horse-riding with on time and got out to the farm we were going riding at on time……… and the day just went downhill from there. I think Murphy was hitchhiking in my car cos boy was it a fucked up day.

While riding around on the back of a ute helping bring the horses down to the house yard to be saddled up, TJ decided that his glasses were too loose and took them off, putting them in his shirt pocket. We have no idea which paddock he may have been in when he dropped them, we looked for an hour, but stuffed if we could find the bastard things and he can’t freakin well see properly without them! He couldn’t enjoy his ride after that because his blurry vision from the back of the horse was freaking him out, poor kid.

So we headed back into town, late, to try to meet up with some other friends and family we’d invited to our lunch pool party. It decided to rain on us though cooling down further what was already a cool-ish day. We ended up vetoing the swimming, instead opting for a sausage sizzle at a park from which we could bolt if the heavens decided to really open up. While I was getting our meat from the car, one of the other older kids turned on the BBQ plate to heat up. TJ didn’t realise it was on and put his hand on it. Yes. Oh shit!!

So I’m making this huge puddle in the middle of the park with the tap running sticking his hand under it while trying to find someone with a mobile phone with credit on it so I can get hold of my mother to come look after my other children. After 20 minutes it’s still stinging him like buggery and beginning to blister so I pack him into the car and take him to the doctors surgery (after giving him a panadol and a sausage sandwich – can’t go to the doctors hungry!).

Now you need to know we are in a small town, so we don’t have doctors at our hospital. The local doctors all do rotations on call and check on their patients at the hospital, but are not based in the hospital, so quite often if you go to casualty for something reasonably minor on a weekday, they will send you down to the doctor’s surgery. I thought I’d cut out the middle man and went straight to the surgery. We walk in, explain the situation and the receptionist says “Oh, they’re all out to lunch and won’t be back till after two, so we really can’t help you.” I’m thinking…….. “that’s it? You aren’t even sorry you can’t help me? You can’t offer to help me make him comfortable while we wait then fit him in first thing when they all get back you fucking cow cos-can’t-you-see-my-son-is-in-pain?”. But I didn’t say any of that, I simply said “Of course bloody not” as I walked back out the door and drove him to casualty.

At casualty the nurse had a basin of water out for TJ to sit his hand in before I’d even finished explaining to the security guard why we were there. Of course, they had to track the doctor down from her lunch and we had to wait for her to come to the hospital, so it took us a few hours to get out of there, but at least they made him comfortable during the wait and checked on him regularly. (His burn isn’t too bad, but needed to be dressed properly because of the blistering and risk of infection. We have to go get it checked again and redressed on Monday.)

When we get out of the hospital it’s raining (not just spitting and drizzling). It’s also hubby’s knock off time, so we go pick him up thinking he might take the news of the missing $312 glasses better if he’s not cold and wet. Needless to say he was none too pleased despite his respite from the cold and wet. Meantime I know that there are people trying to track me down about confirming the arrangements for church that night, and I don’t have time to try to track them down in return.

So finally I make it back to my mother’s to pick up the other children that I abandoned left in her care to take TJ to get medical attention. We finally have the birthday cake that Miss Lou has been looking forward to for the past two weeks then have to rush off to finish up some last minute errands before the close of business hours……… but wait…….. there’s more. As we are leaving my mother’s house the car won’t start. I have power, I have clicking sounds that indicate the power is getting to the starter motor, but no actual engine turning over. Shit!! And this car is tricky for sticking a screwdriver into the starter motor without giving yourself a buzz! I finally got it to turn (after punching the steering wheel which Miss Lou thinks fixed the problem lol) and then was hardly game to turn the engine off when we got down the street. But I persevered and it didn’t play up again.
Finally, we got everything done without further incident, dropped Miss Lou out to her grandparent’s farm and went back home expecting my loving husband to provide me with comfort and sympathy and hoping like hell that he’d started tea. He was planted firmly on the lounge watching the damn cricket and not interested at all in my grumbling. Sigh……………… So I think I can be forgiven tonight of all nights for not wanting to know about the bloody cricket!!

Note: In positive news, I managed to rearrange some bill payments to free up (hopefully) enough money to replace the glasses before the start of school, TJ finished the last chapter in his book tonight, Miss Moo helped to cook tea cos she loves her mummy and I found some woodstocks in the fridge just waiting to be drank! lol

A Reflective New Year? December 31, 2007

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Well, I’ve been reading ya’lls blogs (ok not all of you but some of you) with reflections from the year and resolutions for the year to come and it got me thinking what my own would be.

I guess my resolutions for next year are to NOT

  • get arrested
  • move house
  • be sick for a good whack of the year
  • put back on all the weight I’d lost over the previous 18 months 
  • have a hysterectomy
  • have more legal battles with the freak over Miss Lou
  • set my kitchen alight or
  • hit a kangaroo with my car

cos I did all that this year. So. Next year. I’m thinking……………

Financially I’d like to –  

  • reduce our debt by at least $250 a month
  • start voluntary super contributions
  • purchase a new lounge suite
  • purchase a new (used) car
  • purchase a full size piano
  • purchase new mattresses for the kids beds
  • learn to stick to a budget & reduce our household running expenses
  • to be able to pay all sporting/music/excursion fees etc upfront this year.

For our family I’d like to –

  • be more consistent with household routines
  • have a couple of camping weekends away through the year
  • have a weeks family holiday at the coast later in the year
  • have more regular family times
  • host friends and family more often

For myself I’d like to

  • be more consistent with my routines 
  • develop better sleep habits
  • exercise regularly
  • continue to develop better eating habits
  • lose 15 kg’s
  • get the problems with my sinuses sorted
  • get back into crafting group and prayer group regularly
  • get my MR licence so I can drive the fire truck

We’ll see how it goes. Some of those will be fairly easy (like setting up a payment contribution for the super), some will be quite hard and I am not a very disciplined person. I’m seriously hoping with the hysterectomy sorting a few of my health problems that my energy will soon increase again and with it my motivation.

Edit:- I must also go visit some of my internets (especially Kelley)

Wish me luck! 🙂

Lightening would be so proud of me!! November 30, 2007

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I’m SOOOOO excited!! I’m sitting here reading over our latest electricity bill and its down by a whopping $350!! We will be $100 in credit by the time we get our next bill.

Now. The trick is to keep it low through this quarter when we are using the air con. Sigh.

But still $350!!!