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Whack! November 27, 2008

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Everything is ‘Whack!’

‘Mum, my hair is gone all whack!’

‘That’s so whack!’

‘How whack was that!’

Apparently ‘Whack’ ™ is a multi purpose descriptor for anything that is stuffed up, craptacular, strange, unfair, odd looking or unbelievable –  both kinds – unbelievably bad and unbelievably funny.

If things aren’t ‘Whack’ ™, then they are ‘Random’ ™.

‘That was so random!’

‘How random would it be if we……..’

Perhaps I should explain to daughter number two that an event isn’t actually random if you have planned it 😉

Still, I can live with ‘Whack’ ™ and ‘Random’ ™, in addition to ‘What the hell?‘ as long as she doesn’t start using ‘Dude’ every second word again!


Pleased with me September 19, 2008

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CJ is!

She wanted a simple black skirt to wear for a special ‘dress up’ day at school today. She used to have a nice black peasant style skirt, but out grew it.

Using this pattern I was able to knock one up in a few hours last night.

She requested that I not show her face this morning as she hasn’t done her hair yet lol

I’m rather pleased with the result. She’s more than pleased with the result and has already decided that she needs more of them, in other colours.And pyjama’s. And tops. And dresses. And. And………

I guess I’d better get to work on cleaning out our junk room so I can set my sewing gear up properly on the big table in there.

Little Woman August 23, 2008

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My grumpy little woman is currently on week 3 of her first cycle and the hormones are beginning to once again rear their ugly little heads.

Currently they look a lot like raging volcanoes pimples around her nose, but they are also manifesting as rolled eyes, backchat and snappy insults for all and sundry.

Until mum (me) decided that she’d freaking well HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!, dragged the little woman to her room and banned her from the computer indefinitely!

Until dad (PSLS) followed mum (me) into the bedroom and gave the little woman a dressing down for being so GODDAMN RUDE ALL. THE. TIME.  and backed mum (me) up for a change and confiscated her mobile phone indefinitely!

A mere 24 hours later and I have my girl back, all sweetness and light with a just a dash of sass, bitching about her pimples and broken nails instead of her brother and her chores.


I hope we don’t have to do this every month.

Simple Pleasures Sunday June 22, 2008

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I have many, many moons ago I did a workshop on making my own soaps. Over the course of the workshop we made solid bar soaps, bath bombs and liquid soaps. I had recipes for all sorts of natural based beauty products, but along came more kids and away went my time and motivation………… Until reading Naomi’s blog post the other week on dandruff & shampoo. So last week I gathered some basic supplies so that I could experiment a little.

CJ and I made 3 things. First a bi-carb wash to remove any residual product from our hair, then a Chamomile Shampoo and lastly a lemon rinse for added shine. It was really easy peasy and we had really good results.

The bi-carb wash was simply 1 tsp of bi-carb in 1 cup of water. We poured this on and massaged it in then rinsed it out.

The shampoo was pretty easy too. We used –

1 1/2 cup(s) water
4 chamomile tea bags
4 tsp. soap flakes
1 1/2 tsp. liquid glycerin

We simply boiled the kettle, let the tea bags stew for 10 minutes, added the soap flakes, waited till they had softened, added the glycerin and mixed well before pouring into a pump bottle. 

lastly was a lemon rinse. Very simple to make with squeezing half a lemon into a cup of rain water.

The shampoo didn’t lather up much, but gave us a good ‘squeaky’ clean. All in all we got a good result. CJ was commenting all day yesterday about how soft her hair felt and she got compliments on how nice and shiny it looked. I’ve noticed that my hair feels nice, but not dry which is great.

Hubby reckons I must have been bored or something to be fiddling around with this stuff, but he also reckons his dandruff isn’t quite as bad after using it, but I’m going to make another batch using mint for him to try – it’s meant to be good for dandruff. 😉

The shampoo needs to be kept in the fridge because of course it doesn’t have all the chemicals and preservatives in it, but on the other hand it doesn’t have all the chemicals and preservatives in it and that’s got to be better for us.


Enter Stage Right. May 16, 2008

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CJ is performing today with the upper primary choir at our local Eistedfod. They’ve been working really hard for weeks on their performance pieces. About 3 weeks ago we were running a little late getting to school after piano lessons and she was going crook at me because she would be late for choir practice which was first thing after the morning bell. Earlier this week their maths teacher had to go looking for them as a third of his class was missing. They were so caught up in polishing their songs that they didn’t hear the bell.

And this morning she woke up with sore throat and scratchy voice. Her cold/bug has been trying to set in for 3 days now. I’ve been keeping the house a little warmer at night, slathering her with Vicks, making her gargle all sorts of foul tasting concoctions and feeding her eucaplyptus drops trying to hold it off, seemingly to no avail.

She was Not. Happy. Jan.

So this kicks off our cold and flu season. Here’s hoping it’s a mild one.

Edit – When I arrived she had lost her tissue filled with vicks, so I gave her another one. The infants choir took first place in their section, the Primary choir got a highly commended and the combined choir (which I didn’t realise was also performing today and that she was also in) came first in their section. All in all not a bad haul!

Pick a Saint April 6, 2008

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CJ is in the process of choosing a saint to be named for when she is confirmed in May.

One of the saints she has been considering is Saint Rose. We discovered today that there are two of them – Saint Rose of Lima and Saint Rose of Viterbo.

Initially I thought that Saint Rose of Lima may be a nice choice. The story presented in the book we had borrowed was of a young girl who was appalled at the fuss other’s made of her beauty, who took to hiding herself away wanting God to find her soul as beautiful as the world found her face. Wanting to be beautiful on the inside is something that we’d all like for our daughters right?

After reading this and this, I’m thinking this Rose chick is a complete and utter nutter with her disfiguring herself and sleeping on kinky homemade beds. The girl should be the patron saint of self mutilators and side show freaks.

So on to the second Rose. Saint Rose of Viterbo. She initially sounds a little better with all her standing up for the pope/church etc at a young age and all that. Sure the idea of a three year old raising the dead and making her own grotto to worship in after the local convent decided that she was too poor to join them is a little strange, but a damn sight less nutty than the other Rose. On the nutty side though, she did die at 17, most probably something to do with the repeated starving herself as discipline thing while she was locked away in her little self made grotto.

Some of the really big things that I, as a parent, hope for my girls to avoid are those involving abusing their own bodies by starving  or cutting themselves. I think we may revisit the whole ‘Pick a Saint’ thing tomorrow. Surely there has to be a reasonably normal sounding saint in there somewhere. Just one saint who has a quality CJ can emulate without some of the extreme self discipline that these Rose girls indulged in.