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Light em’ up! December 30, 2008

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We love our Christmas Lights

I have attemtped to take some piccy’s for you of our lights.

I haven’t bothered attempting to take pictures of our pathetic efforts at decorating the inside of our home this year as it’s well…. pathetically non existant with all the busyness and rushing and dizzyness and being sickness this year.


Nothing spectacular – still had a lot of cars and a bus drive past gawking though lol


I love these little  lights! We had them along our front path Рlike mini fireworks to guide our footsies! lol


Our pressie lights are pretty cool too – I wanted to put them around Santa, but PSLS couldn’t quite figure out how to safely put Santa where I wanted him put…….. I must remember to start nagging him about putting up the lights a lot earlier next year!


This is the elf that is sitting next to our front door.

dsc00188And this is how long till we do it all over again – EEEEKKK!! Maybe I’ll be organised next year with that long to………. oh who am I kidding! ūüėČ


Now That’s An Entrance!! December 17, 2008

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Miss Lou was watching Batman and Robin earlier – one of my favourite lines is Joker talking to Two Face and saying “Your entrance was good. His was better.” but I got to say that neither of them topped Santa’s entrance to the swimming club Christmas party tonight!

First we were buzzed by an aeroplane, and presumed it was Santa heading to the fly in at the airport hosted by the local aero club. Then we were buzzed again and this time there were people walking around with their eyes glued to the sky watching this ——–>


yup, that’s Santa and his technicolour parachute!


I got to say that it was really freaking funny watching the big red dude hanging from a parachute and drifting in the wind


I was just disappointed that I only had my mobile phone camera and not my other camera to take pics with.

Santa eventually landed on the athletics track next to the pool and was promptly swamped by kids wanting their lolly bags before dashing away to his next appointment, but that was one Santa visit that won’t be forgotten in a hurry I can assure you!

O Holy Night of Jingle Bombs December 10, 2008

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After the assault on our ears committed by Naomi and Widdle Shamrock early this week with their choice of Christmas *ahem* carols I felt that it might be the appropriate time to share some of mine.

Some of my earliest Christmas memories are of sitting upstairs in our church, lit only by candlelight, at midnight mass listening to the choir sing carols.

I remember, and I was only about 4 at the time  sitting, watching,, listening, completely awestruck and thinking that God must live here.

I miss that simplistic faith of my childhood some days but despite the more complicated theology of adulthood I still find that there are often moments where I am sitting in church and and catch myself thinking that God must live here.

Now I’m one of the privileged ones that sings in the choir, who gets to help create atmosphere for others through music but not in a creepy ‘hype you up then lead you to religious fervour’ way like some churches we won’t mention here.

We haven’t had midnight mass for a couple of years because it was too many services for our priest to manage on his own but we still sing carols at the evening vigil mass and at the Christmas morning mass. I’m hoping that this year, now that we have a second priest again that midnight mass might be reintroduced. Having been part of my Christmas tradition for¬† most of my 35 years it is sorely missed.

Now I’m not going to torture you with some of the all time worst Christmas music as I believe that Naomi and Widdle Shamrock have already done a good enough job of that, instead I’m going to share my favourite traditional carol and my favourite version of it –

Now just to make WS laugh again, and also to appease our tall dark frosty goddess of political incorrectness  Anja,  here is my next favourite Christmas Carol

Somehow I don’t think they’ll let me sing that version in church…….. do you? ūüėČ lol

Now Where Was I……. January 3, 2008

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….before my posts were so rudely interrupted by revelations about the freaky¬†ex’s treatment of Miss Lou¬†and the antics of my husband?….. oh yes. The mil.

This is what she gave to TJ for Christmas. dsc00586.jpg

It’s a 3d pull back puzzle car. Took me ages to put the flimsy,¬†fiddly thing together too. It was broken within 5 minutes.

But that’s not the point.

It was wrapped in the plastic bag you can see it sitting on in the pic. That’s right. A plastic bag.

Also in the bag was a packet of Scoubies for¬†Miss Moo (CJ – she’s decided to call me Moomy so I’m calling her Miss Moo in retaliation. I think I’m winning), but that’s not the point either.

I don’t care if T wants to shop at the $2 shop and only buy crap that falls apart during the first good play with it. I really don’t.

But I do mind if she buys big flash presents for their cousins, wraps them prettily in nice bright Christmas paper, complete with bows and gives them out in front of my kids who are later pulled to one side and handed a plastic shopping bag with trinkets in it.

It’s not fair. It’s not nice. It’s not right. It’s no way to treat your grandchildren. It’s not like she didn’t know she would be seeing them all that day. It was at the freakin family gathering on boxing day.

And she wonder’s why her son is so ticked at her lately.

*rolls eyes*

Menu Plan Monday December 31, 2007

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 Monday РSpag Bol & Salad (Chicken & Salad for me)

Tuesday – Rissoles & BBQ’d veges (carrot, sweet potato, tiny taters, zucchini)

Wednesday РChicken Tenders & veges (potato, peas, corn, broccoli)

Thursday – Crumbed Lamb Cutlets with Salad & Chips

Friday – Chicken Steaks with Tiny Taters & Salad

Saturday – Fish & Chips

Sunday – Homemade Hamburgers

I like to keep things light, easy and quick during summer. I can’t think of anything worse than spending hours in a hot kitchen. UGH!

For more Menu Plan Monday ideas head on over to Laura’s.

Cricket Anyone? December 30, 2007

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This is my gorgeous nephew E all kitted up for a game of backyard cricket with the family on Boxing Day.

Prank Calls December 27, 2007

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Had some kids prank calling me from a mobile phone last night …….. rang the little shits¬†them back and told them that perhaps they should make sure that the person they are pranking doesn’t have caller id in future
stupid kids