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Not quite what I was expecting……. December 27, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Christmas this year wasn’t quite what we were expecting.

Monday saw me waking up with a headache signalling more sinus trouble and  the news that a lady who was the closest thing I had to a grandparent while growing up had died.

Tuesday saw me finally managing to get a doctor’s appointment and being put on antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Wednesday morning was the funeral followed by me trying to finalise Christmas arrangements while fighting a rising temperature during the afternoon. Oh and bumping into my sister who has decided to be a rude cow to us all was fun too!  I just love my family!

We didn’t make it to church, didn’t make it to the pool, didn’t make it anywhere that we were meant to be on Christmas eve.

Christmas morning saw us sleep in till nearly 9:30 when we got  a phone call saying that we needed to get the hospital urgently to see PSLS’s nan before she was transferred to RPA by air ambulance. She was fine by the way. There was no urgency in the reason for her transfer – she just needed to be seen by a specialist and Christmas day was apparently the most convenient day for the hospital to organise the transfer and air ambulance the best way to get her there.

It also saw us catching a frog in our bathroom that one of my cats had bought in weeks earlier and lost. It was still alive – a bit dusty, but hopped off quite merrily once caught, washed and relocated to outside.

Lunch was a laid back affair at our house followed by a brief stop at the ex in laws to drop Miss Lou off for a visit followed by an afternoon of DVDs and Wii playing with an assortment of siblings and other rellies stopping in at various times.

We finished up the day shooing various spiders and a mouse-bearing cat back outside.

Boxing day saw PSLS drive an hour to pick up his brother who had rung up wanting to visit for the day seing as how he’d fallen out with the rest of the family and his kids didn’t want to spend time with him. He ended up spending the day at their sisters house drinking heavily instead then conned hubby into driving him to yet another town at the end of the  day to drop him off. *shakes head* Oh and the mil dropped off craptacular gifts again this year, but had actually wrapped them this time! I just so love my husbands family! lol

It also saw me have a rather strange conversation with Miss Lou’s uncle about when I was planning to pick her up after I’d already explained that Lou had rung me earlier wanting to be picked up already and that I’d be there shortly. I’m not sure which part of “Lou already rang me to pick  her up” wasn’t getting through. I just love my ex’s family!

I’ve had more panadol than anything else the past few days trying to keep my temperature down and my head from imploding.

But still, while it wasn’t quite what we were expecting, the kids have had a lot of fun, we’ve had a lot of fun sleeping and hopefully I’ll be able to scoff all the booze I haven’t been drinking for new years instead 😉 lol



1. Alexis - December 28, 2008

Oh my goodness! I hope my giveaway package gets to you soon, to give you a little bit of cheer!

Feel better soon!

2. Dina - December 28, 2008

Yikes. That doesn’t exactly sound like an ideal Christmas. I’m sorry about friend : (

3. dancingwithfrogs - December 28, 2008

Now you’ve got New Year’s Eve to look forward to…

4. widdleshamrock - December 28, 2008

Aww sweets.

Celebrate Christmas minus the people. I tell you, it’s fabulous.

5. anja - December 28, 2008

Not quite the day you had planned. 😦

How’s that Wii working out? After seeing all the fun my nephews had with theirs, I’m tempted to purchase one.

6. Jayne - December 28, 2008

Hope you’re feeling back on top of things again soon and the booze is waiting for you next Wednesday night 😉

7. leechbabe - December 28, 2008

Hope you are getting better in time for New Years and all that alcohol.

8. Pure Evyl - December 28, 2008

Sorry to hear that you are ill. Get better soon. Hopefully soon enough to bring in the New Year right.

9. magneto bold too - December 28, 2008

seems a lot of people had a Christmas they didn’t expect…

Hugs babe.

10. river - December 28, 2008

Well, gosh, that doesn’t sound like fun at all. I hope that by New Years your sinus infection is better and you can really enjoy the evening.

11. Trish - December 28, 2008

Wow – Hope you are feeling better and your New year celebrations fair better.

12. Kin - December 30, 2008

I still think no matter what happens at Christmas, our childrens joy is all that matters. I didn’t get a single present this year and I don’t give a hoot – I had an absolute ball with my kids and I’m seriously considering asking for no presents every year.

Unless there’s something I really want. Then all bets are off.

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