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Lost Week? December 18, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Anyone else feeling like they’ve lost a week?

I’ve been caught in a tornado of end of year parties, Christmas lights tour organising, lawyer chasing, school touring, children shuffling and Christmas organising stuff.

About the only thing that I am on top of is the Christmas lights tour and that just barely!

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have some time to come visit you all and say “hi” in the meantime, that lady chasing an invisible tail all over town with a harried look on her face is me. If you see me passed out on the floor somewhere, please put a pillow under my head. K?. Thanks.



1. Kin - December 18, 2008



ta ~ B

2. widdleshamrock - December 19, 2008

Oh, you sound like me a widdle. And I have next to no motivation to get cracking.

**passes B a pillow** Just in case.

motivation is severly lacking here too ~ B

3. leechbabe - December 19, 2008

Yep know that feeling. :: hands over pillow and some chocolate :: that should ease the pain. 🙂

much better already! ~ B

4. Gemisht - December 19, 2008

Yep, know that feeling all too well. Although the kids finished school a couple of weeks ago so I had all the end of school year madness then, so if I was being an optimist I could say at least it has been spread out a bit 🙂

Sending chocolate your way to help you get through it – if nothing else then you need it for the energy, right???

yes, the energy………. 😉 lol ~ B

5. Naomi - December 19, 2008


perhaps you should see someone about that 😛 ~ B

6. Anja - December 19, 2008

Crazy enough season without the added crazy. When the presents are unwrapped, the stomachs fed and the post-Christmas haze happens… grab thee some fine alcohol and give the liver a hiding. You deserve a drink or ten.

ten sounds like a plan 😉 ~ B

7. Jayne - December 19, 2008

Oh I think I passed you in aisle 234 of the Spotlight 10 second specials for last minute gifts yesterday, B; your tail was on fire and there was a manic grin on your face…… 😛

yup, sounds like me! lol ~ B

8. Pure Evyl - December 19, 2008

If I catch you passed out on the floor. I will gladly leave you a pillow.

Afterwards. 😉

that’s the best offer I’ve had all week 😉 lol ~ B

9. Naomi - December 19, 2008

If I catch you passed out on the floor. I will gladly leave you a pillow.

Afterwards. 😉

She’ll need more than one pillow after Evyl’s done with her…

did I mention my love of pillows? ~ B

10. river - December 19, 2008

And a blankie?

nah, just a pillow will do for now ~ B

11. trishatruly - December 20, 2008

Don’t forget to stop and smell the gingerbread, Bettina!

Take a DEEEEEP breath. Hold it. Let i out slloooowly..

Don’t run yourself ragged. But sometimes passing out is the only chance we get to lie down! 🙂

damn straight!

Actually, I’ve been dumping the kids at the pool for an hour or two every afternoon to get myself a little breathing room. ~ B

12. magneto bold too - December 20, 2008

I hear ya. I think it was those damn terrorists. They stole a week from us…

Move over. That floor looks comfy.

find your own floor wench! 😛 ~ B

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