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Now That’s An Entrance!! December 17, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas, Funny Stuff, Kids.

Miss Lou was watching Batman and Robin earlier – one of my favourite lines is Joker talking to Two Face and saying “Your entrance was good. His was better.” but I got to say that neither of them topped Santa’s entrance to the swimming club Christmas party tonight!

First we were buzzed by an aeroplane, and presumed it was Santa heading to the fly in at the airport hosted by the local aero club. Then we were buzzed again and this time there were people walking around with their eyes glued to the sky watching this ——–>


yup, that’s Santa and his technicolour parachute!


I got to say that it was really freaking funny watching the big red dude hanging from a parachute and drifting in the wind


I was just disappointed that I only had my mobile phone camera and not my other camera to take pics with.

Santa eventually landed on the athletics track next to the pool and was promptly swamped by kids wanting their lolly bags before dashing away to his next appointment, but that was one Santa visit that won’t be forgotten in a hurry I can assure you!


1. birdpress - December 17, 2008

Oh, how cool! Who needs reindeer? 🙂

2. widdleshamrock - December 17, 2008

Yeah, that is one cool Santa !!!!

3. Jayne - December 17, 2008

Reindeers are soooooo temperamental…. 😉

4. anja - December 17, 2008

Now that’s a cool Santa.

5. Pure Evyl - December 17, 2008

That’s cool.

6. guera - December 17, 2008

That’s impressive!

7. river - December 17, 2008

What they^ all said. Lucky it wasn’t a high wind day.

8. Kin - December 18, 2008

Awesome Santa. Where do I get one?

9. leechbabe - December 19, 2008

Impressive entrance, one the kids will remember for years to come.

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