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O Holy Night of Jingle Bombs December 10, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Christmas, Church Stuff, Community, Family.
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After the assault on our ears committed by Naomi and Widdle Shamrock early this week with their choice of Christmas *ahem* carols I felt that it might be the appropriate time to share some of mine.

Some of my earliest Christmas memories are of sitting upstairs in our church, lit only by candlelight, at midnight mass listening to the choir sing carols.

I remember, and I was only about 4 at the time  sitting, watching,, listening, completely awestruck and thinking that God must live here.

I miss that simplistic faith of my childhood some days but despite the more complicated theology of adulthood I still find that there are often moments where I am sitting in church and and catch myself thinking that God must live here.

Now I’m one of the privileged ones that sings in the choir, who gets to help create atmosphere for others through music but not in a creepy ‘hype you up then lead you to religious fervour’ way like some churches we won’t mention here.

We haven’t had midnight mass for a couple of years because it was too many services for our priest to manage on his own but we still sing carols at the evening vigil mass and at the Christmas morning mass. I’m hoping that this year, now that we have a second priest again that midnight mass might be reintroduced. Having been part of my Christmas tradition for  most of my 35 years it is sorely missed.

Now I’m not going to torture you with some of the all time worst Christmas music as I believe that Naomi and Widdle Shamrock have already done a good enough job of that, instead I’m going to share my favourite traditional carol and my favourite version of it –

Now just to make WS laugh again, and also to appease our tall dark frosty goddess of political incorrectness  Anja,  here is my next favourite Christmas Carol

Somehow I don’t think they’ll let me sing that version in church…….. do you? 😉 lol


1. Widdle Shamrock - December 10, 2008

I LOVE Third Day.

Thank God for the last one.

I would have gone all sooky la la otherwise and we can’t have that.

That was exactly why I included it 😉 ~ B

2. leechbabe - December 10, 2008


That last one is brilliant. Thank you 🙂

I’m a sucker for the old fashioned Christmas carols and love the midnight service at church.

just sharing the jingle bomb love 😉

The old fashioned carols still have a lot going for them ~ B

3. anja - December 10, 2008

Achmed, the terrorist – bahahahaha. I love you, Mistress.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Evyl is going to love that one, too.

We love Achmed. The kids and I are always saying “Silence! I kill you!” around the house ~ B

4. Naomi - December 10, 2008

I’ve found a new love – Achmed, the dead terrorist *snicker* With detachable nuts, what’s more!

Applause for making a dent in the christmas horror inspired by Anja, WS and I *grin*

5. Pure Evyl - December 10, 2008

Achmed is definantly the best type of terrorist. A dead one. Dunham is great.

6. writerchick - December 11, 2008

These were great. The first one sweet, the second one rocked and the last one put all things in perspective, eh? Very funny.

7. Jayne - December 11, 2008

LMAO Achmed is damn funny 😉

8. river - December 11, 2008

I’m not Catholic, don’t even go to church, but I’ve always loved the idea of midnight mass. How is it that church choirs always seem to have the best singers? I love listening when they sing christmas songs. I hope you get your midnight mass back.

I can’t leave you out of my little bragfest. My 12 yearold grandson got 8 A’s in his school report.

9. trishatruly - December 15, 2008

Jeff Dun-HAM rocks!! ( a la Peanut)

Thanks for the Christmas giggles!!!

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