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Screw Up Tuesday! December 9, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.


This week, unlike last week, is all me!

Where is that damn screw up tiara? I’ve earned it!

On Saturday I was having a *ahem* discussion about a difficult topic with someone. I was starting to yell and rant make a very pertinent point when my dear, dear love slave decided that enough was enough and disconnected the phone from the socket. I by this stage was finishing up my rant point and trying not to lose the plot completely let my upset show so told the peoples involved that I needed to go and hung up.

PSLS only told me the next day that he’d actually disconnected the phone a few minutes before I decided to hang up. I must admit that I was wondering why they had gone so quiet towards the end of my yelling profanities our conversation……………

Let me see………… what else…………. oooooOOooo That’s right!

Last week we had a brief discussion between the members of the brigade exec and decided to move our Christmas party from Saturday night to Wednesday night as more people would be available to attend. A couple of other people were helping to get the word around about the change and I made a few phone calls on the night that we made the decision, but it would seem that perhaps I missed one or two people………………

Oooops *grimaces*

Oh and I managed to put a postal worker on the spot the other day when I was organising to get Miss Lou’s purse back to her. I’d put her things in a post pack and taken it to the front counter of the post office. The lady at the counter asked me if everything was in it and I’d forgotten to put some extra money in but you aren’t meant to send cash through the post.  I whipped out a $20 note, said to her “you didn’t see this” and stuffed it in the parcel. The poor lady has turned around and was singing “la la la” to herself  so she could deny all knowledge. lol

Then she asks me what the book was like that I was sending Lou. It was ‘New Moon’, the sequel to ‘Twilight’ which is currently in theatres having been made into a movie. We talk briefly about book fads and she starts telling me that she once had a lady abuse her over Harry Potter books.

What then followed was a conversation on religious hysteria where extreme believers were focusing on the setting of the HP books instead of the actual story and missing the point completely. Not the conversation that I expected to have in the post office. Not a screw up either, but it was an interesting aside.

And that’s all I’m willing to fess up to this week. If you’d like to fess up to anything yourself, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add your link to the Screw Up Honour Roll 🙂


1. widdleshamrock - December 9, 2008

I believe our dear, sweet Marita had a little screw.

I mean screw up.

2. leechbabe - December 9, 2008

Ah yes my interrupted attempt at a screw – up.

Thankfully the doctor was able to apply much needed attention and I was feeling well enough after for some chocolate coated nuts and creamy biscuit.

3. leechbabe - December 9, 2008
4. jeanie - December 9, 2008

Oops on not letting all know. And what a wise PSLS you have there.

5. river - December 9, 2008

I love the falling snow effect on this post. How did you do it? You’re so clever.

6. scrappydo - December 10, 2008

Oooops! Funny, funny screw ups there. Hate it though when your *point* gets lost in transit like that!! LOL

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