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For The Birds December 3, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Holidays, Kids.

The rellies that we spent our weekend with live in the gorgeous North Wollongong.

Getting there entails driving along roads like this


or this


From my uncle’s backyard you can look up at the mountains, down at the ocean or out at the creek that runs down the middle of the block. (that’s fog not smoke you can see on top of the mountain btw)


As you might well imagine there is a lot of wildlife and birdlife around the area and some of it has gotten pretty used to people…………..





My uncle keeps a packet of birdseed in an old weetbix tin next to the back verandah door for the birds. He said that some days the birds will fly in the backdoor looking for their morning feed and sit on the backs of the chairs around the dining table while Uncle B is eating his breakfast.

Kept the kids fascinated for ages……………..


And it’s nice to  know that they can move slowly and stay quiet when they want to………. 😉 lol



1. anja - December 3, 2008

What a divine place that is.

2. Dina - December 3, 2008

I would be fascinated for ages too.


I don’t think I’d be able to leave.

3. Jayne - December 3, 2008

That is beautiful and to think that’s right outside his backdoor, with those gorgeous birds -bliss!

4. birdpress - December 3, 2008

Those birds are gorgeous! How cool is that!

5. kaylee2 - December 3, 2008

no bird sex?

6. river - December 3, 2008

Fabulous views there. We get the same birds here in all the gum trees in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide and in the fruit trees as well. People here don’t feed them, not that I know of anyway, so they haven’t become tame.

7. mistress of the manor - December 3, 2008

what a cute little offspring you have there, b. he looks wrapt to the back teeth ! me.. i’m not a bird fan. they are a bit claw-y and beak-y for me..i do however, dig those views. i miss my youth-y holidays in the ‘gong.

8. widdleshamrock - December 4, 2008

Oh, that is so me.

Beautiful weather and hand feeding birds !!!


TJ looks like he was into it too.

9. Pure Evyl - December 4, 2008

That is sooo cool.

10. Cadi's Mum - December 4, 2008

Hope you peered into the fog and waved to me! I live at the top of that hill. Don’t have so many birds though, but we do have kangaroos that come and visit.

11. thegirlfromtheghetto - December 6, 2008

Wow, its always fascinating for me to see how people outside of the US live. Gorgeous roads! I’ve never been to Australia, but it sure looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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