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Screw Up Tuesday December 2, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, Funny Stuff.


I could easily give this award to myself this morning for severly underestimating how long it would take us to crawl our way through traffic to pick Miss Lou up from school last Friday. We made good time all the way through the mountains, right up till we hit Parramatta Road from where it then took us THREE FREAKIN HOURS to get to the inner city and Miss Lou’s school. Getting out of there and down to Wollongong wasn’t much better taking us nearly another 3 hours.

I NEVER want to have to drive in traffic like that again! I seriously don’t know how Sydneysiders do it! We were sitting at one set of traffic lights for over 20 minutes. Miss Lou’s boarding coordinator had rang us at one stage to find out where we were and give us directions. She’s asked us if we were at the next turn yet and we were still sitting at the same set of lights as when we started the conversation! (Yes I have hands free mic and speaker for my mobile hardwired into the car). I’m guessing that the rain made things worse too, but jeez! Hopefully I won’t have to make that trip again.

Other contenders for the screwed up prize this week are CJ who was walking around the house in her finished Pink! dress last night shaking her very bright PINK! nailpolish when the lid flew off! We had to then clean nail polish off the tiles, the carpet, her neck, chest, fingers and her damn dress!

Not to be outdone, Miss Lou sent a heap of things home with us from school and accidently also managed to send hom her purse with all her money and keycards in it which I’ll now have to mail back down to her.

TJ wasn’t going to be left out either. While being given a tour of Miss Lou’s school he spotted some likely looking chain strand fencing between posts near the car park and decided to try out his ‘scissor jump’ technique from Little Athletics the other week, missed and splattered himself on the asphalt scraping his arm.

Oh and PSLS left his charger at home last night after forgetting to charge his damn phone the night before and still hasn’t found his old charger that he left in one of the trucks.

So there you have it! A real screwed up family affair this week kiddies.

So what do you have for me? Come on, you know you want to share………..



1. widdleshamrock - December 2, 2008

I haven’t screwed up at all Mistress, sent everyone a nice Santa pic. People are just loving me at the mo.

What’s not to love?! ~ B

2. Pure Evyl - December 2, 2008

If I had to sit at a red light for twenty minutes, I would show everyone the true meaning of road rage.

It was pretty frustrating and I’m not used to being so cramped in like that, so quite intimidating too. ~ B

3. Anja - December 2, 2008

Welcome to joys of the city with edible air, Mistress. I work just over a kilometer from where I live and it can take me over half an hour to get there sometimes.

You can keep it. That’s insanity!! ~ B

4. Kaylee - December 2, 2008

I am so glad I do not drive.

5. Kaylee - December 2, 2008

ANd Honey believe me I got a more screwed up family than you Hell everyday is “screw up tuesday” for them.I am the most sane person in my family and that is a scary thought. Especially. simce I am obsessed with animal sex!

didn’t realise it was a competition ~ B

6. magneto bold too - December 2, 2008

Yeah. You win.

This week anyway 😉

That doesn’t happen very often 😉 ~ B

7. Lisa Black - December 2, 2008

pmsl…. what a week…. Sorry i cant out do that one, Kelley is right, you win.

8. river - December 2, 2008

Ah, y’all are a screwy bunch aren’t ya? Seriously, 3 hours down Parramatta Road?? That’s got to be a record, surely.

9. leechbabe - December 3, 2008

I’ve driven through Sydney exactly once and I will never ever do it again.

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