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Sporty Saturday November 29, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Kids, TJ.

TJ loves his sports.

He loves riding his bike up and down the road out the front of our house. He and CJ often go for rides around our block (which in a large house block size area makes for a rather large size street block).

He loves playing cricket in the backyard.Although I have had to buy premade metal stumps that can’t be seperated to stop him from attempting to use them as mini javelins and taking out someone’s eye. Probably his own.

He loves playing footy with his mates at school. Or soccer. Or handball. Or…….. well you get the idea.

He loves playing Saturday morning soccer during winter. He tends to hang back a little, but that is more a reflection of his poor eyesight than his ability to run, aim or kick. When you are a little short sighted in one eye, rather long sighted in the other eye, have a slight astigmatism and hate wearing your glasses when running around, it can be a little difficult to see other players or the ball coming at you.

He loves doing Little Athletics during summer. He doesn’t really like running, cos he’s a bit slower and just doesn’t like running that much, but he gives it a go and he really likes the field events. We have real shotputs and discuses at home that CJ used for training and  he was throwing them all over the yard last week ……….. as hubby discovered when he ran over one with the lawnmower and stuffed the blade…… He’s does really well with the throwing events. More than makes up for not being quite as fast on the track as most of the other kids.


He also loves swimming. He’s a real water baby. We had to take him to swimming lessons as a toddler because he was fearless and we needed to reassure ourselves that he was ok in the water so we didn’t have a heart attack everytime he saw it and jumped straight in!

And he’s good at it.

He’s always had a lot of upper body strength, which helps with swimming and he doesn’t have to worry about seeing where he is going because he’s just sitting in his lane and will hit either his hand or head when he gets to the end to tell him to stop.

So one year we tried swimming club.


He really enjoys swimming club and having that goal of improving his time each week really motivated him to practice his strokes during the rest of the week which boosted his fitness, improved his times and increased his confidence.

This year we registered him for the club training squad. He now trains for between 30 and 40 minutes, 4 days a week after school swimming laps with the squad. So far this season he has learnt bilateral breathing (breathing on alternating sides on every third stroke instead of the same side on every stroke when swimming freestyle), tumble turns and today I saw him doing a very reasonable imitation of butterfly which he’s never previously learnt.

I was very impressed.

He was very pleased with himself.

Long may his love of sports continue!



1. dancingwithfrogs - November 29, 2008

Funny. I hated it when the boys were in organised sports. Now they’re all into music, and that’s far easier (and more melodic!)

My boys go in for the individual sports like running.

2. anja - November 29, 2008

Go TJ. You’ve gotta love a kid that gives everything a go and isn’t discouraged that he’s not the all round champion of the sport. That’s quite a boy you’ve got there, Mistress.

3. Jayne - November 29, 2008

That’s fantastic 😀

4. Pure Evyl - November 29, 2008

You see so many kids today that are couch taters that it’s good to know that they aren’t all that way.

5. leechbabe - November 29, 2008

I’m loving that both my girls are into swimming, although I don’t enjoy having to sit beside the pool during the hot steamy summer days.

Long may his love of sports continue 🙂 Is much healthier than being in love with the XBox.

6. river - November 29, 2008

It’s great how he’s prepared to give everything a go. I hate sports myself, but I don’t mind water, so I’m thinking of swimming even though I don’t do it very well. I really need to do something about my level of unfitness.

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