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Screw Up Tuesday November 25, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.


Screw Up Tuesday is proud to announce that the winner this week, once again, is the SWIL (Skank arse Whore In Law). And what has she done this time to deserve such an honour?

Did she perhaps stuff up some more birth dates/anniversary dates/ages again in her statements for court? Well, yes she did that but that’s not the award winning screw up this week.

Did she change her mind and stuff around that much that at the end of a very long day her own lawyer was pissed off with her? Well, yes, she did that too, but that’s not the award winning screw up this week either.

Did she choose to ignore the examples of piss poor parenting that my brother described as examples of her irresponsible decision making skills like the time that she took her then 18 month old from hospital after he’d fractured his skull falling off a slippery dip against medical advice and instead focus all her outrage on the fact that he dared mention her dead baby? Why, yes, yes she did and that one takes the cake.

Me? If someone questioned my parental decisions, I’d be more worried about explaining myself and showing somehow, that despite appearances, I had used sound judgement.

Her? Her only concern is not that she has had her parenting skills painted in a very shady light, not that she has been shown to have knowingly exposed those children to volatile domestic situations, not that she has been shown to ignore medical advice on more than one occasion but rather that my bro had no right to mention Malachi.

And just who is Malachi? Apparently that is the name she gave to the ectopic pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery when she knowingly put off seeking treatment to throw a birthday party for her just out of jail scumbag ex after kicking out her current b/f, cos biblical names are just the thing for children that you have no idea who the father may be.

Apparently she has rewritten history and never had an ultrasound the previous Wednesday or saw her doctor and was told there was a problem, she never rang my brother and told him that there was a problem on the Thursday. She had no idea there was a problem prior to be rushed to hospital on the Sunday.

Can we all cough ‘bullshit’ people?

I wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on my worst enemy,  I know from personal experience just how heartbreaking they can be, but honest to goodness, you’d think she’d be more worried about what the whole incident says about her ability to make good decisions than the fact that people know that she had one.

Edit – so far my bro has got an order to say that he has the kids two nights a week. More mediation will follow and they go back to court in late January – he’s aiming for a 50/50 arrangement.

Screwed Up Honour Roll



Mistress of the Manor


1. Pure Evyl - November 25, 2008

She’s a real piece of work, ain’t she?

ooo yeah. ~ B

2. kaylee - November 25, 2008

That one is definately not the brightest person!

nope. She’s a carton short of a six pack 😉 ~ B

3. Alexis - November 25, 2008

Oh my! It’s horrible when people are crazy and mean, because what can you do with them? They make life so awful for everyone else!

crazy and mean, yup that describes her pretty well. Shooting her comes to mind, but that of course would be illegal. We try to ignore her as best we can ~ B

4. anja - November 25, 2008

There’s a part of her anatomy that I could use my lightning surgical skills on. Or ideally, I hope she turns up where I work now. It would be a pleasure to work on her.

She’d stink the place up with all the shit she’s full of……. ~ B

5. leechbabe - November 25, 2008

What an idiot she is. Was she trying to get the sympathy of the court by focusing on the dead baby?

no, she just decided that my brother was a cold hearted bastard for ‘using that against her’. The fact that she risked her life to throw a piece of scum a birthday party is irrelevant. If someone from her church hadn’t shown up and insisted on taking her to hospital when they did, the kids could have potentially watched their mother die from her own stupidity for gods sake ~ B

6. Jayne - November 25, 2008

There’s not even a light on upstairs, is there?

nope! ~ B

7. kaylee2 - November 25, 2008

anja worksnin a surgical dept? Umm, Id like her rather than my docs 😉

no Anja works in a morgue darl. You don’t want her working on you ~ B

8. Naomi - November 25, 2008

*sigh* Well, at least she’s her own worst enemy.


lol – this is true ~ B

9. lightening - November 25, 2008

I’m surprised they haven’t taken them away from her altogether by now. What a mess.

I know, but govt departments aren’t renowned for their intelligence either. Sigh ~ B

10. kaylee2 - November 25, 2008

LOL then never mind!

good thinking 😉 ~ B

11. widdleshamrock - November 25, 2008

Just when I think you could not shock me any more with her behaviour, you pull another one out of the hat.

I know just how you feel………… ~ B

12. kaylee2 - November 25, 2008

Yeah, I am sure anja doesmnt want to work on me eiother 🙂

13. Anja - November 25, 2008

I’d prefer to not have you on the slab, Kaylee.

14. river - November 25, 2008

Obviously her brains leaked out of her ears and were mistaken for an ear infection at some time way in the past. You know, long, long ago in days of yore….

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