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Monday Menus and Mayhem November 24, 2008

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First the menu…………


Monday – Rissoles and vegies

Tuesday – Salad sandwiches

Wednesday – Sausage sandwiches

Thursday – chicken and salad

Friday – Fish and vegies

Saturday- PSLS choice

Sunday – home made chicken burgers

Head over to Laura’s at organizing junkie for more menu plans

Now the mayhem………..


We usually put up our Christmas tree the weekend closest to the 1st December, but we are going to be a bit busy next weekend with brigade stuff so decided to follow in the footsteps of other early tree putter uppers like Lightening and decorators like Kelley so we dragged the boxes out of the shed and got a start on things yesterday.


We haven’t done much so far – just put the tree together and chucked on it’s lights and some tinsel, but we’ll do a bit here and a bit there over the next few weeks, get ourselves organised, finish making our handmade pressies and have ourselves a merry little Christmas……… without going into debt to do so, cos I got to give my bah humbugging coven sister her dues – people do place too much stress on themselves at Christmas with the spend, Spend, SPEND atmosphere, the busyness of it all and the pressure to be ‘perfect’.

Stuff that for a joke.


1. Jayne - November 24, 2008

Love the menu; good, yummy food 😉

Not spending much this Christmas, trying to make as much as possible and keep it simple 😉

2. anja - November 24, 2008

Ah, tis that time of year again when the norti Christmas pixies do some sabotage on the moving lawn ornaments.

Santa! What are you doing to that reindeer. 😉

3. widdleshamrock - November 24, 2008

Peek a boo TJ.

I took a leaf out of your book and did the same.

Did it while we are relaxed and can have fun with it.

4. Dina - November 24, 2008

There IS beauty in Christmas. I think we’re all having to look at holidays in a different way now. Kind of make adjustments– for financial, ethical, and environmental reasons. But still celebrate. You know…don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do you guys have that saying in Australia?

5. river - November 24, 2008

My tree is still safely in its box under the bed and the ornaments still safely in the suitcase, also under the bed. Because it’s not December yet! So there!

6. leechbabe - November 24, 2008

The Big Pink Christmas Tree will be making an appearance in our lounge room on 1st December. Hubby actually managed to get that week off work so I’m looking forward to tree day on the 1st being a casual family affair that can take all day. That is if we ever get the other interior decoration stuff out of the way.

7. magneto bold too - November 25, 2008

Squeeeeeeeee! Christmas!!!



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