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Reject in the Reject Shop November 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Hubby.

So the other day I’m wandering around in The Reject Shop with the PSLS. We are looking at the Christmas pretties, I’m contemplating which tins to buy to put home made goodies in for adult munchy type gifts, he’s checking out lollies and shit cos he’s a sweet toothed fella when this comes over the in store radio

and PSLS starts singing along AND dancing in the freakin aisle!

I tried threatening to embarrass him on my blog.

He tries to get me to dance along with him.

I ran away.

I rejected him in The Reject Shop.

You’d think they could have kept him. Surely someone would have coughed up $20 for a slightly used husband with shit taste in music but a tight squeezable ass!


So what made you smile this week?

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1. Dina - November 22, 2008

Thanks for giving me a smile!!!

I think it’s great that your husband tried to embarrass you, and then you embarrass him back on your blog!

Life can be fun.

2. anja - November 22, 2008

Does your phone not have the video feature? For the love of all things cool and funky, your greedy readers would have loved to see PSLS swinging his ass to the Locomotion.

3. widdleshamrock - November 22, 2008

Yes, I for one would have got out my popcorn for that !!!

4. kaylee2 - November 22, 2008

A reject shop?

5. Jayne - November 22, 2008

LOL That would indeed be a worthy video 😉

6. leechbabe - November 22, 2008

I loved that song, think it hit the charts when I was in grade 7. I HAD to have a RaRa skirt just like Kylie. 😀

Seconding/thirding the request for a vid of PSLS getting his groove on 😀

7. Pure Evyl - November 22, 2008

I can’t get the vid to play. Darn and I was really in the mood for a cheesy tune.

8. Miss Lou - November 22, 2008

i would have loved to have seen that! sounds funny!

9. rhubarb - November 22, 2008

She does not look any older now!!!!! WHAT facelift?????

10. Alexis - November 23, 2008

I would’ve danced too! Can’t resist Kylie!

11. Trish - November 23, 2008

I would loved to have seen that … I would have wet myself laughing !What is it with you girls and the @rses today ?
I was going to comment earlier Sat afternoon but we had a blackout .

12. river - November 23, 2008

Your husband shops with you?? Lucky you. Mine hates shops and goes in to one only to buy something essential like milk and then comes straight home…..Wandering around looking at stuff (choosing) is a waste of time, he says.

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