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Screw Up Tuesday November 18, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff.

What the hell! It’s Tuesday again? Already?


main_5-screw-types1I seem to have picked up a saying from my daughter……………

‘What the hell!’

She says it all the time. As a question. As an exclamation. As a statement. As punctuation.

I’m forever pulling her up on it. Telling her it’s not appropriate coming from a 12 year olds mouth constantly.

And now she’s got me doing it.

Still it could be worse………. she could be imitating me.

Screw up of the week prize has to go to the fella that was in his own world at the pool last Friday and made me go ‘What the hell!’

Picture this in your head if you will. Pool full of people swimming while a storm is heading towards town. At the first rumbling of thunder the pool attendants and swimming club coaches start carefully watching the sky. As the storm approaches and the lightening gets close they signal ALL the swimmers to get out of the water which they all do in a hurry.

This one guy who has just arrived at the pool walks over to it and jumps in. I wait for him to wake up to himself and when he settles in decided that I’d better go tell him to get out. He was clueless. Had no idea why everyone had just jumped out and were heading undercover and I know he could hear.

Some people shouldn’t have pool passes! lol

What’s got you shaking your head this week?

Join the Honour Roll….. you know you want to! 😛


Widdle Shamrock



1. Jayne - November 18, 2008

LOL What a goose! He must have been in a real “boy” head zone.

Or perhaps early dementia…………. ~ B

2. Dina - November 18, 2008

I’m sorry to say….but what that guy did….I’d probably do the same thing.

I’m completely clueless sometimes!

You’d at least stop to question why everyone else was bolting I’m sure ~ B

3. QueenBitch - November 18, 2008

My screw up:
Yesterday I decided to cook myself some fish n chips for lunch. Turned the oven on, got it all out of the freezer and put it on the tray, put the chips back in the freezer and walked off. Came back 20mins later to check on lunch to find it sitting on top of the oven. 😦

hehe I do stuff like that all the time! ~ B

4. widdleshamrock - November 18, 2008


What the hell ?

I know!! What the hell! ~ B

5. river - November 18, 2008

Maybe he was on a suicide mission? Heh. I had a minor screw up this week. I peeled a banana, threw it in the bin and sat back at the table before realising I was about to bite into the skin.

6. anja - November 19, 2008

*sniggers* What can you say? ‘tard… *sniggers*

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[…] I can live with ‘Whack’ ™ and ‘Random’ ™, in addition to ‘What the hell?‘ as long as she doesn’t start using ‘Dude’ every second word […]

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