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Simple Pleasures Sunday November 16, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, Gardening, Goals.
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Rolling in the dirt


Checking out the veges


Picking a good spot for new plants to go



1. Dina - November 16, 2008

Cute cat!!

Ta! ~ B

2. kaylee2 - November 16, 2008

Damn, I will take that cat off your hands 😉

You might try, but he thinks that he owns me so I’m sure he’d come back looking for his slaves 😉 lol ~ B

3. wjcsydney - November 16, 2008

Glad Dolce (N’s cat) isn’t the only cat that loves the dirt!

I wasn’t quick enough to snap pics of the other two doing the exact same thing. They all love it! ~ B

4. Talia - November 16, 2008

Looks good!! I’ve got a nice passionfruit as well! I just planted some more things yesterday, so I will have to post about them soon!

Yes you will have to post so we can see how your garden is growing 🙂 ~ B

5. river - November 16, 2008

I have a Nellie Kellie passionfruit too. L planted it to screen our yard from the unit over the back fence (he’s convinced all our neighbours have no other purpose in life but to spy on us) and it’s growing really well. Neither of us likes passionfruit………
I love your cat. I want a kitty so badly, but my lease has “no pets” typed in capital letters. When I can’t stand it anymore I visit my daughter and cuddle her two cats.

I’d be very lonely without my pusscats. We’ve always had cats, for as long as I can remember. ~ B

6. leechbabe - November 17, 2008

I wanted a passionfruit plant but let hubby talk me out of it. Now you have me thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Well I figure it’s better than a jasmine vine 😉 ~ B

7. Jayne - November 17, 2008

Those zucchini’s look great 🙂
Love the pusskin, too 🙂

That’s my Socks. The cat I mean. The one that thinks he owns me ~ B

8. widdleshamrock - November 17, 2008

When I first came here, the pictures wouldn’t load, so I thought “Hmmm, rolling in the dirt? What HAS the Mistress been up to?”

Nice shots.

lol all of the cats followed me up to the garden and were rolling around. I had 3 brown cats for a while till they shook themselves off! ~ B

9. Miss Lou - November 18, 2008

well mother interesting storys! just having a look dont mind me! lol

Ok I won’t. 😛 Just cover your eyes when I swear ok? k. 😉 ~ Mum

10. widdleshamrock - November 18, 2008

Yeah, cover your eyes when she swears and when she ………. lol.

Gosh, will have to behave now

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