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TGIF! November 7, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Ahh Friday.

How I love thee.

The day before mum’s sleep in day Saturday.

Saturdays are important to me, not just because I can often wrangle in a lovely sleep in, but because it’s the only  day and night of the week that PSLS is guaranteed to be home.

He has it better than a lot of other truck drivers. He’s usually home 3, sometimes 4 nights a week every week depending on his runs. He has a few half days at home during the week and the occasional full one which means he can sometimes get to school events that other dad’s can’t. We also get the occasional day to hang out just the two of us. His most common trip is to Melbourne which sees him leave mid afternoon and be back home often by 10pm the next night.


It’s also a pain in the arse.

We never know where he is going to be from week to week making it impossible to plan much more than a few days in advance. Since Adelaide and Brisbane have been added to the runs he can sometimes be away for 2 nights in a row without even a half day at home. I miss him, the kids miss him, our phone bills are, ahem, quite high. I have to solo parent 2/3’s of the week and he’s never regularly gets to see the kids play sport, to the station for training or to anything else. It makes it hard for me to organise anything where I might need a babysitter as I’m never sure if he’ll be home or not.

Even to go away for a weekend he has to put in for holidays so that he isn’t scheduled a long distance run where he either doesn’t get home till Saturday morning or needs to leave on Sunday. For me to go away for a weekend requires plans B and C in case he’s not going to be home for the whole time that I’m away, like this weekend when I’m doing a communications course out of town. He left lunch time yesterday and won’t be home till late tonight. I’m leaving after lunch today and won’t be home till Sunday night. He’s leaving Sunday afternoon which means that I have one kid catching the bus home to Nan’s house this afternoon to be picked up when PSLS gets home, I am picking CJ up from camp on my way through and dropping her at rellies in Dubbo for the weekend.  TJ will be dropped back up to Nan’s when PSLS leaves on Sunday and I’ll pick him up when CJ and I get back on Sunday night. Is your head spnning yet?

When we have weeks like this one where he has been away 3 nights and I’m going away for the weekend, we might not see each other for more than a couple of hours for a week or two.

But mostly, usually, I love Saturdays.

On Saturdays he is always home. On Saturdays I get a break from having to make all the decisions, refereeing disagreements, hassling all chore evaders, and fighting with the house. on Saturdays we do things, together, even if it’s only yard work.

So CJ and I will be away this Saturday, but PSLS and TJ……… they are going to be home, they are going to be sleeping in and buggering around and apparently going fishing.

TJ is so looking forward to having his dad to himself doing ‘guy stuff’. He’s at that age where he wants to know how everything works and wanting to do everything himself and the idea of a ‘guys’ weekend is just tickling him so much that I don’t mind that I’ve only really seen my husband for a couple of hours in the past few days and that I won’t see him again now till Monday night.

I just hope they remember to stack the dishwasher. lol

Edit – as you might have gathered I’m away for the weekend. And I’ll have no blog access *sob*. I’ve figured out how to email from my phone, but not blog……. yet! lol So some pre-written posts will go up and I’ll be around to visit ya’ll on Sunday night when I get home. Have a good one! ~ B



1. Jayne - November 7, 2008

Ummm….can I just sit quietly to absorb your schedules?!

sure, take your time. You should see my google calendar page! lol ~ B

2. Talia - November 7, 2008

Enjoy the time with CJ. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. And hopefully you and Hubby get to spend some nice quality time together ASAP!

any time would be good at this stage lol I won’t be with CJ, she’ll be at my cousin’s house while I’m at a course but I’m sure she’ll have a good time. ~ B

3. widdleshamrock - November 7, 2008

Ah, so another quiet weekend for you then.

Man, my eyes have gone funny just reading that.

Yup. This is the last one for this training season thank God!! ~ B

4. Dina - November 7, 2008

It sounds hard-missing your husband and not knowing when he’ll be home. I can see how it would make it hard to plans things. It would make my head spin.

It is nice/romantic that you miss him though.

I remember at times when my marriage was really bad and my husband was out of town a lot. I remember not caring at all–not missing him.

*smiles* We work around it as best we can. You should see our mobile bills though *blanches* 😆 ~ B

5. Naomi - November 7, 2008

Ouch. That’s complex! EEEEEEEK!!! (I don’t cope well with complex)

Sounds like TJ’s set up for a great weekend. Altho – you realise it WON’T be a proper blokes weekend if they DO stack the dishwasher? It’s almost as bad as pulling out pink frilly knitwear, apparently.

They’ll want to stack the dishwasher or I’ll freakin kill them! Hubby’s pretty good around the house, I’m hoping he’ll also mop the kitchen floor 😉 ~ B

6. Anja - November 7, 2008

The dudes are going to hang out together. Man bonding, good for them. They can scratch their bits all they like and not get roused on.

7. river - November 7, 2008

Gosh you’re a whirlwind aren’t you? Do you ever slow down?
I love Fridays too. I often have the day off from work giving me lovely long weekends. Suits me just fine. I don’t even care that I’m earning much less money.

8. trishatruly - November 8, 2008

So you’ll at least get to sleep in tomorrow before your trip? 🙂

I wonder what TJ will remember most about this time with his dad. My kids remember those times the most, when I spent time alone with them. They loved having mom all to themselves. I wish I’d done more of that one-on-one stuff looking back now.

9. Dorothy Stahlnecker - November 9, 2008

Wow, if people only realized what truck drives do to get us all the things we need to live. I’ve been told everything we own and use has been on a truck so bless the truckers and the wives who make keep their family and marriages strong so we can have what we need.

Blessings to you and your family.

Dorothy from grammology

10. rhubarb - November 9, 2008

Fridays do my head in. It takes me until Sunday to deal with a Friday!

My dad was truckie, I understand your pain.

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