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Screw Up Tuesday November 4, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, Funny Stuff, Hubby.

Oh where to start this week………..

Let us start with PSLS. Always a good place to start I think.

Do I tell you of how he felt the need to explain that he has teenage daughters whenever anyone so much as glanced his way while doing the grocery shop for me at Aldi last week and buying sanitary pads? Or of how he came home with 12 tins of cat food that our cats won’t eat……..

Do I tell you of how he dragged us all up to his nan’s place the other day at 2:30 and knocked on the door to no avail only to get out his mobile phone to ring to see where they were only to find a txt from an hour earlier telling him they wouldn’t be home between 2 and 4:30……….

Do I tell you of how he was timekeeping at swimming club the other night and forgot to press the buttons on the timing machine during one or two of the races leaving some poor kids without times for their efforts……..

Perhaps you would like to hear about the cup full of cola that he left sitting on my foot rest under my desk for me to knock flying?

You know what? I can’t really top these this week so I guess I’ll finish with PSLS too who keeps managing to tell his uncle and nan that I’m sick instead of telling them the truth – that I can’t keep helping nan as I always end up hurting myself and am still having physio after the last outing I took nan on cos I’m not meant to be lifting wheelchairs or people! *rolls eyes* How hard can it be to tell them that they’ll just have to organise the damn home care that they need because it’s too much for me?

ahem. Back to the funny.

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Mistress of the manor



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2. leechbabe - November 4, 2008

Argh the drinks on the floor drive me nuts. We no longer have any glasses in our house because they all got broken after hubby would leave them sitting on the floor. You’d think he’d learn after the first 1, 2 or even 6 broken glasses. ::sigh::

They don’t get broken, but I have a small table under my desk that the pc tower sits on and there is room for my feet. I was gobsmacked that he would put a drink down there where there is no way to see it and knowing I rest my feet there! ~ B

3. Anja - November 4, 2008

Men are so funny. What the heck did he think the other shoppers were thinking about the sanitary pads? *giggles*

I wish I knew!! lmao ~ B

4. Jayne - November 4, 2008

Men…you have to laugh at them coz otherwise we’d all be up for manslaughter 😛

exactly! preach is sista! ~ B

5. trishatruly - November 4, 2008

It’s why I live alone!!!
I’m afraid to commit to to only one Screw-Up day, Bettina. I have them on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Oh, and occasionally on Wednesays, too.
How about a Screw-Up Week Honor Roll? I could live with that!

oh we have them all days of the week too, I just randomly picked Tuesday to celebrate our clutziness and absentmindedness 😉 lol ~ B

6. Trish - November 4, 2008

Oh dear – he wins the screwup of the week award.
I was so embarassed buying the at stuff … I used to bribe my sister.

I have a few to post today …maybe not this one today – I forgot I was holding someone else’s baby (at playgroup) and almost dropped the 9.5 month old onto his feet from my hip …like I do with mine – REMEMBERED in the nick of time LOL .

lol – it’s easy to forget that some of the things we might to normally with our kids could horrify other parents ~ B

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