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Saturday – Smiley and otherwise November 1, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Gardening, Goals.
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Well, after a week of wild winds that saw me quite hesitant to venture outside and the watering of our seedlings being left in the care of my children, we’ve lost the lot. Apparently two squirts from a spray bottle is more than enough water *shakes head*

Meantime though I finally tracked down some ‘how to’ guides for my digital camera. I’ve been quite inspired by some of the great pics that some of the bloggers on my blogroll take, particularly Guera who shares what she’s learning with us. So this morning I took my camera off auto, tweaked various settings and set off through my garden to experiment.

I got some results that I’m quite pleased with and then figured out how to watermark my pics using Picasa 3 (beta) before uploading them to my blog and now you can see for yourself.

We are starting to see fruit on some of our trees.


Mulberries – we are seriously considering making jam to give as pressies to rellies with the fruit this year.

Nectarines nom nom nom

Then we have some exciting things happening in the vege garden

Our first baby zuchinnis!

Flowers on the tomato plants

Our first home grown spuds just dug up.

Onions bulbing nicely

One of my shallots getting ready to flower – I’m planning on collecting the seeds.

It seems there are quite a few of us busy in our gardens lately

Marita is getting her garden undeway in between working on her stitching projects

Talia shared some pics from hers the other day

Kin hasn’t updated us for a few weeks, but is growing lots of things in pots -perhaps she needs some encouragement?

Trish showed off her gorgeous roses the other day

Kate has been participating in The Growing Challenge and sprouting lots of seedlings

Karen showed off her garden fortifications so that they, not the possums, may enjoy the fruits of their labours

Lightening is just starting her summer garden. You might pop over and share whats making you smile with her this week.

And lastly, my green friend Widdle Shamrock is too busy to garden as she’s raising a baby piglet by hand

Happy gardening, happy photographing and happy piglet raising!



1. Widdle Shamrock - November 1, 2008

lol, I did manage to plant some potatoes. Going to give them as a gift to the Reverend 😉

The fruit of your labour looks Delish !!!!!

I’d be worried if you didn’t manage a few spuds there Irish one ;0 lol ~ B

2. Jayne - November 1, 2008

They look fab, B! 🙂

Thanks Jayne – I’m rather pleased with them 🙂 ~ B

3. Dina - November 1, 2008

Great photos.

I’m impressed with your gardening skills.

I think the mulberry jam would be a PERFECT gift.

I dunno about skill………. perhaps more luck? lol

Mulberry Jam and a loaf of home made bread perhaps……….

~ B

4. leechbabe - November 1, 2008

Your garden looks lovely. Great job.

Thanks Marita. ~ B

5. Riayn - November 1, 2008

Wow.. your garden is proving very bountiful. The best I am doing is currently one green passionfruit. My poor garden has been severely neglected.

well one green passionfruit is better than no fruit 🙂 ~ B

6. anja - November 1, 2008

Beware of the potato. *sniggers*

I’ll be safe…….. I don’t hang curtains nekkid 😉 lol ~ B

7. picklebums - November 1, 2008

ooh so jealous of all your fruit.. we had two hard frosts last week which I think took out most of our fruit that had set and a few veggie seedlings as well 😦

Thats not good Kate. I hope you manage to salvage something from your garden. ~ B

8. brissiemum2 - November 1, 2008

Oh I am so jealous of the mulberries. I love mulberries and mulberry pie like my nanna used to make is just so darn mouth-watering!

They’re pretty good 🙂 ~ B

9. Guera - November 1, 2008

Great photos and yay for exploring beyond Auto! I particularly like the shallot pic. 🙂

And I’m very jealous of your vegie garden. One day I’ll hopefully get something growing in my garden, other than the weeds that control it at the moment!

The shallot pic is my favourite. I was rather pleased with a lot of the pics I got today so shall be fiddling the settings manually more in future…… now if I could just con the kids into letting me practice on them…… lol

Perhaps one of your lawn fairies would dig up some of your ‘weed patch’ for you?

~ B

10. river - November 1, 2008

Your garden looks fabulous! My hubby also believes in using the absolute minimum of water. He takes ONE watering can full and gives everything a dribble. Fine for his succulents and stuff that doesn’t need much water, but for my veg seeds and seedlings I sneak around and water them properly when he’s not looking. I’ve chosen seasol as a supplement this year and the plants are loving it.

Thanks River. Most plants really do need a good watering. I’m thinnking I’ll have to direct sow the next lot of seeds and thankfully most of the pollen seems to have dropped from the trees next door from the windy week we’ve had. Today was quite tolerable outside. Seasol is wonderful stuff! ~ B

11. river - November 1, 2008

Just read anja’s comment. Huh???

Have emailed you the joke 😉 ~ B

12. Gattina - November 1, 2008

if things are growing at your place now, you must live in Australia, lol ! Here everything is dead and it’s frosty ! I wish I could change continent now, lol !

Yup, I surely do! lol

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 ~ B

13. planningqueen - November 1, 2008

The photos are beautiful and thanks for the great links.

Thanks and no problem. I had some fun putting these together this weekend 🙂 ~ B

14. Kin - November 2, 2008

What are you saying?

Ok, I’ll water my plants.

And do another post.

Sheesh, some people

nuffin 😛

You do that 😉

That too 😛

Yeah, some people…………. lmao! 😆 ~ B

15. trishatruly - November 4, 2008

The winter is just getting underway here. I am soooo jealous of your spring!

Lovely, lovely photos! You must keep taking pictures as you obviously have the knack for it. Those are spectacular!

Ahhh, making jams. My favorite thing next to baking bread.
What a great post , Bettina!!

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