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Beet and Boreanaz October 30, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Friends, Funny Stuff, Ramblings.

Trishatruly left me a question earlier and I thought that I really should answer it because it’s one that gets asked a bit.

Just a note : in the header for your blog did you mean to write “beet” as in veggie or did you mean “beat” as in thrash? Just curious ’cause if you mean the veggie, well, that’s kinda interesting!

Yes I meant to write “beet”. Not as in the veggie, but as a play on my name.

The first ever online name I made up for myself was a play on my name. Imaginative huh? lol

Bettina – Beeteena – Beetee. I use it a lot.

In msn chat, people being the lazy douches that they are would often abbreviate my name and so it got shortened to ‘Beet’. One of my long time interweb acquaintances even calls me that on the phone!

Now I like to play around with words and on my messenger name would often use ‘Beet’, but would also see how many expressions I could put it in to reflect my mood.

‘If you can’t beet em join em’

‘Beeten and bruised’

‘Beet it’

‘Beet the pants off em’

and of course ‘Dances to the beet of her own drum’.

There were many more that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but the ‘Dances to the beet of her own drum’ one always tickled me for some reason  and when it came to choosing blog names……… well….. it was available lol

I suppose that if I should ever need an alternative I could use ‘Off the beeten track’ or ‘Beeting around the bush’


Now Trisha’s blog post yesterday was a crack up full of fugly as sin saucy french maids for the ogling as a result of her stats for search terms.

I decided to have another gander at mine over the past week and ……. not much change! Everyone still loves David! lol

david boreanaz 8 More stats
hunk 3 More stats
hugh jackman 2 More stats
“david boreanaz” 2 More stats
david booth hunk 2 More stats
homemade projects 2 More stats
three months since hysterectomy still ti 2 More stats
hot hunk 1 More stats
hot firefighters 1 More stats
beet your boss 1 More stats
beet up your boss 1 More stats
beet my teecher 1 More stats
toxic friendships 1 More stats
screwing with telemarketers 1 More stats
happy david 1 More stats
remove mouse smell in oven 1 More stats

Now I get at least 5 hits a day for our good mate David, as well as other assorted ‘hunk’ type terms. But is it any wonder………….. he is a whole lot of hot.

I’m surprised to still be getting hits relating to hysterectomy questions when it’s been nearly 12 months since I had mine but if you must know why you are still tired 3 months after a hysterectomy it’s because your body can take up to 12 months to recover from it. I’m sure that is information that your doctor gave you, they do occasionally know what they are talking about and if you are still concerned I would suggest that you go back and see them about it.

Obviously many people have problems with toxic friendships even though that was one of my very early posts and they would also love to beat up their boss or teacher, but perhaps should learn to spell first.

I am rather proud of my efforts at screwing with telemarketers so I’ll admit that still getting that search term tickles me a little but the mouse smell in oven searches? Sheesh. There may have been a mouse in behind my oven, but it certainly didn’t stink and I don’t know how to get rid of the smell ppl! You shouldn’t have cooked your damn oven mouse then perhaps it wouldn’t stink!

To the nasty little fucker searching for stories of sons fucking their mothers…… You’re a sick puppy. Stay the fuck away from my blog.

I also had a look at my yearly search stats for a longer term view and stuff me, but I get a lot of searches for Gemisht! Funnily enough one fo the search terms with a few entries was (and I kid you not) ‘peanut gallery gemisht’ LMAO They obviously know you aye Gem 😉 hehe 😛



1. Jayne - October 30, 2008

Time to get worried when ppl start searching for “hot hunk oven roasted mouse to beat/beet up the boss and tempt firefighters into homemade projects” 😛

baahaahaaa I love the way your mind works Jayne 😉 ~ B

2. anja - October 30, 2008

I had one for both you and Gemisht the other day. There’s some weird fuckers out there.

I haven’t had one for you for a while……… they can’t be too weird then lol ~ B

3. trishatruly - October 30, 2008

Thanks for the pingback and thanks for clearing up that “beet” question!
I’m SOO relieved! I was afraid you’d mispelled it and I didn’t want to make you feel bad if you sucked at spelling!! 😆

no problem lol 😉 ~ B

4. trishatruly - October 30, 2008

HAHAHAH! I just misspelled ” mispelled”!!! 😳

hehe onya! lmao ~ B

5. river - October 30, 2008

I hope you don’t mind, but I saved that picture of David with the wings background. I’m going to print and laminate it for use as a bookmark. I’ve just got from my daughter dvd copies of all 5 seasons of ANGEL. Love that David.
When I had my hysterectomy I don’t remember being told it would take up to a year to recover. So 8-9 weeks later I was back at work. I was still feeling a little pain so went to the doctor who told me the internal stitches had become infected. Got antibiotics and went to work next day.

Or course I don’t mind. I pinched it myself from somewhere. As for the other all the things I’ve read or been told on it say that 6 – 12 weeks for your initial recovery and then 6 – 12 months for full recovery. I know I still had no core strength at 6 months and still don’t have much. But boy do I feel better. ~ B

6. Trish - October 30, 2008

I didn’t know all this stuff about ‘Beet’
very creative Bettina !

Why thankyou ma’am 😉 ~ B

7. Prizetastic - October 30, 2008

LOL, I love the “beet” story, I wondered where it came from, just thought you had a huge love of beetroot LOL :)!!!!

Now, I am totally sure I need to write some rather crazy posts to bring some interesting traffic my way so I can do one of these posts some time 😀

Thanks darl. If you want interesting traffic just join in one of our hot hunk Thursday theme days – that’s always a good place to start 😉 lol ~ B

8. Gemisht - October 31, 2008

LMAO too – yeah apparently they know me too well.

There’s some weirdos out there for sure but looking at the search terms that land people at your blog just confirms it for all of us.

Coulda been worse, they coulda been searching for ‘Blondie/Gemisht’ 😉 lol

9. Trish - October 31, 2008

did you forget heart beet *swoon*

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