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Screw Up Tuesday October 28, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Seeing as how I haven’t had a fit of tears for a day or two now I figured it was time to get back to doing ‘my thing’.

So yesterday I had a physio appointment. I get muscle knots in my back sometimes and they tend to pull my spine out of alignment which, as you might imagine, can get a wee bit painful.

When I get there yesterday the physio takes me down to the cubicle, sits me on the massage table and starts apologising to me for for the lack of pillow cases. Pillow cases. Our freaking hospital has run out of pillow cases. There are no pillowcases to be found ANYWHERE in the hospital that aren’t already in use. There are definitely no spare pillow cases for changing pillow slips in the physio department between patients. They were resorting to placing clean towels over the pillows instead.

How does a hospital run out of freakin pillowcases?

Is there a pillow case thief that comes and steals them all in the middle of the night?

Perhaps they are in the place where the lost socks congregate?

Are they on their way to  America as we speak to be used as trick or treat sacks?

Obviously someone either forgot to order them or deliver them from the laundry service, but it sure makes me feel better about dropping that full tub of cream on my kitchen floor last night that splattered everywhere to know that other people are stuffing up on that kind of scale. lol

How about you? Got anything to share?

Widdle Shamrock does.

So does our Tall Dark Frosty Goddess Anja

And Kin has something too, and Naomi!



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2. widdleshamrock - October 28, 2008

Should add to my list, I flicked here to copy the post addy to add to my Screw Up post, and scanned over the post. I read that you went to get massaged knobs.

ROFL. The mind boggled.

3. Dina - October 28, 2008

Oh crap!!!

You caught us.

How did you figure out the whole Halloween thing?

I’m disappointed that Australia also has the lost sock monster. What’s the deal with that? I was hoping it was juist an American thing and that somehow we could escape it.

I bet in Sweden, people NEVER lose their socks.

I actually did have a big screw up recently–one that lost us money. I’m not too happy about it : ( It was a matter of me not staying on top of things so I felt pretty damn guilty.

4. Anja - October 28, 2008

It’s good to know that the sock monster is not just confined to our shores.

5. Naomi - October 28, 2008

In my experience, hospital pillowcases get used for:

– ‘fitted sheets’ in baby bassinettes
– patient belongings (when they can’t find the official brown paper envelopes)
– other stuff I can’t remember but I’m sure I’ve seen

Blame the babies, I say!

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7. Pure Evyl - October 28, 2008

They are being stolen by eco-terrorists for use as grocery bags.

8. river - October 28, 2008

My screw up? I refused airconditioning. (what WAS I thinking?)
At the annual property inspection the property manager mentioned that I don’t have airconditioning. My unit is at the north-west end of the block, no trees, no awnings……. She asked if I would like her to speak to the owner and see if maybe she’d install an airconditioner unit. I said no…………

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