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Home-made Projects October 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Craft Projects, Family, Kids.

The girls and I spent a good whack of last Friday making some Christmas presents for our very green thinking aunties and grandmothers.

Miss Lou was a little reluctant at first. She was great with the measuring and the folding and the cutting, but when she realised that she would also be sewing she got a little less confident. CJ on the other hand was eager to have a crack at the sewing machine!

So we had an interesting afternoon of me showing them how to use the sewing machine and them thinking that they had stuffed up with crooked seams much worse than they had.

And the result?

Well we made these – OneStringBags.

Hmmm, the pic doesn’t quite do it justice – you’d better go HERE and have a look.

Oh hold on, I’ll pinch their pic.

I saw them ages ago on Sarcastic Mom’s blog. Such a simple idea and just perfect for environmentally conscious rellies.

The idea is that you use them instead of the little plastic bags when you go shopping for your fruits and veges. They are made from brightly coloured tulle netting so weigh stuff all, take up hardly any room to cart around with you and are reusable, just like your calico shopping bags.

Possible uses –

Fruit – apples, oranges, pears, grapes…
Veggies – carrots, potatoes, onions, beans…
Dried food – chickpeas, nuts, beans, lentils…

We made four sets of 5 bags to give as Christmas presents and I have another 2 sets to giveaway.

TADA!! Free Stuff!

To enter the draw simply leave a comment to tell me your best ‘home-made’ stuff up story.

Draw will be held on Friday 17th October (when I’ll get one of the kids to write your names of bits of paper and draw them out of a mixing bowl or fire helmet or something) and is open to anyone (am happy to post overseas).

And if you don’t have a story……….. make one up! I KNOW some of you have vivid imaginations 😉 lol



1. QueenBitch - October 6, 2008

Oh i totally love free stuff and these are a good idea!

So today i decided to do some baking. First i decided to make uncooked fudge cake. was going great guns until it said to top with chocolate icing. Umm… yeah mum never wrote down how to do that. crap… So i went through the rest of the recipe books. nothing. I decided to make it up … icing must have icing sugar? and its chocolate so thats coca.. prolly needs a bit of butter because its not fattening enough already…

result? i didnt make enough so half the cake is iced.. the other half not so much.

I then decided to continue being a domestic goddess and make two batches of biscuits

The first batch were plain buscuits with chocolate covered raisins thrown in.. So its got fruit its healthy right? but they’re not so great to eat.

The second batch I used a little less fllour and through in some dark chocolate m n ms. they are brilliant!!

However I Was dissapointed in my efforts and decided I would never make a good housewife. Then I Remembered I had frozen margarita mix in the frezzer and at 2pm I decided to make like gabby and drink in the afternoon.

Another story
(I really like free stuff)

I was flatitng with my mate scott and I made chicken enchaladas. Not from scratch the ones you just chuck in the oven and wait.

Simple yes?

Not so much.
I served them up on the plate. We were eating away. nearly done and I was like “uh… dude i dont think these are cooked”

And yeah i was right. Did we get massive amounts of food posinoning? nope. I decided we should get drunk and let the alcohol sterlise the chicken so there for it would be in a nice sterile bubble and we would be ok.

And we were!!
Except for the slight headaches.

End of stories.

2. Dina - October 7, 2008

I LOVE the bags. Those are awesome and such a brilliant idea!

3. Frogdancer - October 7, 2008

My best one? But Bettina, there are so many…..well, I suppose my best ‘home made’ stuff up story is that when I was making children, I accidentally made them all male.

Don’t get me wrong, as male children go my kids are pretty darned good. But there is very little ‘girl stuff’ that happens at my place. (I insisted on girl cats ands dogs but they don’t really help.) It’s all, “Mum, where’s the footie?” and Guitar Hero and shoes big enough to canoe down a river in.


4. Jayne - October 7, 2008

Home-made stuff up?
Geeze, not enough hours in the day or room here to list them all 😛
Those are great, brilliant idea and well done to you and the girls 😀

5. jeanie - October 7, 2008

Hmmm – well, for home ec in Year 8 we had to make a wrap around skirt. I chose a lovely blue island design on a white background. I made it wonderfully well. Unfortunately, all the trees were growing towards the ground, and I never had the face to wear it in public.

I LOVE the idea of these bags – and it wouldn’t matter which way your trees were pointing, hey?

6. river - October 7, 2008

These are great aren’t they? I’ve got a bunch of them that I made months ago, before I saw them at Lotus’s blog. I got the idea from an earth garden magazine. Only I didn’t bother with the strings, (should have) and I made them too small,(forgot I like to buy apples by the dozen not in ones and two). Every time I rock up at the fruit shop the girl behind the counter says “Oh you should sell these” and I remind her that people are already selling them and other customers say “Oh what a great idea”, then continue ripping off plastic bags from the roll….anyway I’ve found a couple of local shops that sell similar bags stuffed into tiny little bags that clip onto your keyring, so that you’ve always got bags “onya”, so guess what my family and friends are getting for christmas? The website is
click on the onya weigh link on the left.

7. leechbabe - October 7, 2008

They are fantastic. Fabulous idea.

My best home made stuff up was using bi-carb soda instead of icing sugar in a recipe once. Blergh.

8. river - October 7, 2008

More bragging…I also made small calico bags, with drawstrings, for when I buy oatbran and wheatgerm and suchlike at the health shop.

Your girls have done a great job and I like that you’re teaching them to be environmentally conscious.

9. widdleshamrock - October 7, 2008

One, I am stealing this idea….

Two… I am hoping I am one of the green aunties you mentioned,

If not….

Three see my Screw up Tuesday and if that doesn’t qualify, I had to live today without electricity and it is Celtic Dingo’s birthday tomorrow and I iced his dinosaur cake IN THE DARK !!!!!!!!

10. Prizetastic - October 8, 2008

This is such a great idea I think I will make some with the kids this weekend………. Thanks for the inspiration.

(I am popping your competition over on my blog also where I am trying to gather all the Aussie blogger competitions I can find so that people can look for them all in one central place)

Love your blog and I LOVE to be green where I can, will have to report back on how we go with our bag making xx

11. kin27 - October 8, 2008

Only one home made stuff up story?

Ok, ummm, what about the time I left water boiling while talking to my boyfriend on the phone (I was 15).

Or the time I was cutting out some fabric to make a dress and I didn’t cut it on the fold – you know what i mean.

Or the time I didn’t put eggs in the double chocolate brownies.

Or this one time, at band camp – nah just kidding, it was year 6 camp, we didn’t read the instructions and cooked the spaghetti for 40 minutes instead of 8. Yeah, good times.

Covering formula tins in my kids drawings is the extent of my creativity.

12. magneto bold too - October 8, 2008

I am awesome and never ever do anything wrong. Shut up Bettina….

13. Lightening - October 8, 2008

I love these bags. Thanks for the reminder. I had great plans to make some (or find some) and never got around to it.

I think that’s one big stuff up. I have great plans to make stuff and never get around to it. Or I start and it never gets finished so I have to rush out and buy stuff last minute. One of these days I really should declutter some of my UFO’s. Like the cut out tracksuit I cut out for my almost 11 year old when he was 1 and then held onto thinking I’d get around to sewing it for one of my kids (not my youngest is almost 5 and NOT going to fit in the size 1 tracksuit). Doh!!!

14. PlanningQueen - October 8, 2008

The bags look great. Such beautifully bright colours.

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16. anonymum - October 9, 2008

Even 20 years later I haven’t lived down using cayenne pepper instead of paprika in my scalloped potatoes..once I did it…once! Still I get grief…but the best would be having attempted to make some scones, accidentally dropped one on the floor and it shattered! Literally I mean! Hundreds of little pieces all over the floor!
i can make anything, until it comes to flour and water, and I’m screwed!

17. widdleshamrock - October 10, 2008

Did I win?
Did I win?
Did I win?
Did I ?
Did I ?
Did I ?

TELL ME !!!!!!!! You know I love you long time and regard you as one of my besties. **Smiles sweetly**

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20. writerchick - October 12, 2008

Hmmm….well my best ‘made up stuff’ story is from years ago. For whatever reason I was very down on Christmas that year and refused to celebrate it. I’m sure it had to do with no money for presents and being alone that year. Anyway, my good friend Kelly wouldn’t hear of it and she sent me Christmas in a box – which was a little box with a tiny tree, some ornaments, some cookies and a Christmas music tape. So I allowed myself that tiny little bit of Christmas. But I was still depressed that I had nothing to send anyone because I was so flat broke. So about a week before Christmas, I sat down and wrote a Christmas Story and sent it to everyone on my list – apologizing profusely for not sending a real present but offering my meager substitute. Ironically, that story is one of my very favorites and I read it and tweak it every year. So that’s my best shot at this concept.

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