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Excellent Idea’s October 3, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, Kids, Ramblings.

Part 2.

Provide tween/teens with fake hair extensions.

This will provide HOURS of amusement as they style each other’s hair

And be sure to have your camera on hand for those impromtu wrestling matches on mum’s bed!

(Note to self – try not to laugh so much while trying to take photo’s cos they don’t turn out so well)



1. leechbabe - October 4, 2008

Fantastic idea. Will have to note that one down for when my girls get a little older.

My 18 year old niece keeps all her younger cousins entertained for hours by doing lots of little plaits in their hair.

2. anja - October 4, 2008

That looks like fun. I used to get hours of amusement out of tickling my sister until she dampened the doona.

3. Jayne - October 4, 2008

Just make sure the extensions aren’t long enough for them to strangle each other with 😛 😉

4. widdleshamrock - October 6, 2008

Aww, I think the little fella needs re inforcements, he’s outnumbered.

Glad they are having such a great time.

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