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Hot Hunk Thursday October 2, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Funny Stuff.

Written with input from the fabulous Miss Loo, the stunning CJ and the awesome cousin E to whom I did pose the question “Who rocks your world?”.

So in tween/teen land these days these guys are apparently all the rage-

From my resident geek girl with a Dr Who obsession, David Tennant sets her time a warping.

For my sci-fi/fantasy queen CJ, Johnny Depp sets fills her sails.

And for dancing Cousin E, Channing Tatum gets her toes and twinkling.

Head on over to Widdle Shamrock’s for more Hot Hunk Thursday offerings and to check out who else has made sacrifice this week at the green alter of hunk!



1. widdleshamrock - October 2, 2008

YES YES YES !!!!!!!

So glad to see you are training the young ‘uns correctly.

2. Anja - October 2, 2008

Ze younger ladies have fine taste in hunks.

3. Bettina - October 2, 2008


I dunno about training them………… lmao

4. cerebralmum - October 2, 2008

I’m definitely with geek girl on this lot. But I kind of have to say that, because Tennant’s fake English accent sounds almost exactly like Caspar’s dads real one. Lol. šŸ™‚

5. leechbabe - October 2, 2008

Those girls have good taste!

My fav is the Doctor :Grin:

6. widdleshamrock - October 2, 2008

Just having another widdle look.

7. kin27 - October 2, 2008

Oh dear me – that shot of David Tennant makes me go weak at the knees. Or somewhere.

And Captain Jack Sparrow doth verily rouse my interest.

8. brissiemum2 - October 2, 2008


My almost nine year old is absolutely in lurvvvvvve with Zac Efron aka High School Musical mega-hero!!! Is this what I have to look forward to???? The sad thing is that I look at some of these guys and go…..omg, they are just boys! Yep, definitely feeling old! Oh, except for that guy who was the hot young thang in Lipstick Jungle! Hubba hubba! Rofl!

9. river - October 2, 2008

Everyone has such YUMMY hunks today. I’ll have sweet dreams tonight for sure.

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