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Excellent Ideas September 30, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Kids.

Part 1

When confronted with a houseful of teen and tween age girls, DO take them to your favourite sis in laws local boutique store aimed at tweens, teens and young adults, and have a nurse of your 6 week old niece while aforementioned sis in law lets the girls run loose in her store trying clothes on willy nilly.

Give lonesome son a small amount of change and permission to go look for a much wanted toy in a nearby toystore.

Sweeten the process about an hour in by offering the children that you own a limited amount of money to spend, thereby prolonging the trying on of clothes, nursing of nieces and amusement of all for a further hour.

Leave sis in law’s shop with purchases AFTER ordering lunch from a cafe two doors down and take all teens, tweens, lonesome son and hot food immediately to a nearby park for nourishment before setting all loose on the play equipment for a half hour of silliness, swinging and a little monkey business.



1. dancingwithfrogs - October 1, 2008

Sounds like a good day.
(You have mail on the way…)

2. Marita - October 1, 2008

That sounds like a great day for all.

I’ve got 3, 5 and 8 year old girls to entertain for today. Yesterday was free play in Granddads backyard followed by playing Barbie at our place for hours.

Not sure what today will bring.

3. anja - October 1, 2008

Poor TJ. That’s way too much girl for a lone boy to deal with.

4. Guera - October 1, 2008

You sound like you’ve got this teen/tween thing sussed! I wil be calling you for help in about 5 years!

5. Jayne - October 1, 2008

So long as they’re exhausted and sleep the whole night through, that’s a fantastic plan 😉

6. anonymum - October 1, 2008

All sounds like a great plan to me! I used to love school holidays when cousins came to stay! They were the best…

7. widdleshamrock - October 2, 2008

Hope you are all having fun there !!!

8. Pure Evyl - October 3, 2008

You can tell it’s some good playground equipment.

Grass doesn’t grow under the good stuff.

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