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Simple Pleasures Sunday September 28, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Family, Hubby, Kids.

Let’s go fly a kite! Or two. Or three………

TJ’s kite (blue tails)

takes off with Dad’s help

but is soon flying solo.

Dad’s super duper stunt kite with two strings

takes two people to launch

and is apparently hard to get going lol

but takes flight in the end.

Going for a run

with CJ’s kite (red tails)



1. anja - September 28, 2008

They’re beautiful kites.

2. Bettina - September 28, 2008

Aren’t they just? We’ve had a ball playing with them this weekend!!

3. river - September 28, 2008

I love kites. I remember sitting on the balcony of my Semaphore flat and watching dozens of kites swooping around the beach while the owners practised for some kite flying tournament. they’re beautiful to watch.

4. Pure Evyl - September 29, 2008

That looks like fun. Although around here with the way the wind blows, kites are a scary way to travel.

5. widdleshamrock - September 29, 2008

How cool !!!!!!

We have one, but the wind here is usually too string or too weak, very rarely is it just right.

6. planningqueen - October 3, 2008

It has been so long since we have flown our kites. The photos are very inspirational.

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