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Last week September 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, In Laws, Parenting, Ramblings.
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of school before the holidays.

I need a holiday.

A break from the routine.

Some time to just sit on my hands and not have to think about anything or anyone else.

Bring on Friday!!


For those of you following the chronicles of the SWIL (Skank arse Whore Sis in Law), she’s done a beauty this time! Last week when the kids *should* have been at school and werent, she took them up tot he skate park with no protective gear on. My nephew B had a fall. His arm was noticebly swollen and sore. But did she seek medical attention for him? Hell no!  She decided that it was about time his father did some of the running around with him and told him so THE NEXT MORNING when my bro went to pick up the kids to take them to school. His arm is broken. Luckily a simple fracture, but still.

If that’s not enough to get the attention of “the powers that  be that can remove at risk children from the hands of stupid deadshit mothers” then I dunno what is.

We also found out WHY the kids sleep so much. We couldn’t figure out how she was managing to have the kids in bed by 8pm every night and then they still have problems getting up in time for school in the mornings. My kids, on 12 hours sleep are bouncing off the fricking walls. B told his dad (in conversation) that dinner is just about always 2 minute noodles or packet pastas or whatnot. They don’t eat meat or vegetables much anymore. But then it makes sense from her perspective. Kids that are lacking in get up and go won’t argue as much or make as many demands on her in her drug befuddled state and think of all the money she’s saving for her next score.

My bro has had enough. He’s finally decided to fight her for them and not a moment too soon.



1. brissiemum2 - September 22, 2008

We are on holidays already and within an hour of getting up this morning, my kids were fighting! *sigh* It’s gonna be a long 2 weeks!

And omg to the SIL. That is so sad for the kids!

2. Gemisht - September 22, 2008

Yay, bring on the holidays. 4 more sleeps cause my 2 finish Thursday – and yes I know Thursday is 3 more sleeps, but after the 4th sleep I can sleep in knowing its holidays, so thats when they really start.

And OMG to you SWIL. Sending lots of strength vibes to your brother so that he gets the kids and can look after them.

3. Lisa Black - September 22, 2008

I agree…. OMG the poor kids, its amazing isnt it. Fingers crossed for you brother…

I’m off for a rest, need sleep. I think I am getting to old for 2 hours a night of sleep…

4. river - September 22, 2008

I really hope your brother wins this fight and gets the kids. How many kids are there?

5. magneto bold too - September 22, 2008

makes me sick to my stomach at the thought. That woman deserves a pickax to the head. But she is probably too stupid to notice.

6. writerchick - September 23, 2008

That’s just fricking frightening about your sister in law. How could anyone do that to their own children? I just don’t get stuff like this. Poor kids. I hope your brother does get them. I really do.

7. dancingwithfrogs - September 23, 2008

I’ll echo the above comments about the kids. That broken arm may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

8. leechbabe - September 25, 2008

Those poor kids. It makes me so sad to read about what she has been doing to them. I hope your brother gets permanent full time custody.

I’m loving school holidays. No needing to be places and do stuff, just lazy days, full of play dates with the kids friends and family 😀

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