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Simple Pleasures Sunday September 14, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Gardening.
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New life



1. river - September 14, 2008

My potted fruit forest has new life too. all the bare branches are covered in blossoms, both plum trees and the miniature nectarine tree. Nothing so far on the cherry or peach tree, (well a couple of baby green leaves), the grape vine also has new green leaves. Today I planted seeds for beans and capsicum and two tomato seedlings. What are your little green leaves? They look like cabbage or some sort of melon? Cauliflower? Broccoli? Zucchini?

2. Bettina - September 14, 2008

Top is lettuce seedlings just poking through. Middle are my snow pea seedlings and bottom are new leaves on a rose bush that we thought was dead.

It’s so nice watching stuff that we’ve planted starting to grow. We won’t put tomatoes in just yet because we are still getting frost some mornings.

3. oirishlad - September 15, 2008

Cool pics Bettina.

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