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Bingo Anyone? September 4, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, In Laws.

Today heralds the first day of ‘Operation Get Nan Socialised’ so I’m taking her out for the afternoon to our local services club for an afternoon of bingo. 

Ah shuddup.

I can hear you sniggering as you imagine me locked in a smoke filled room with the blue haired mafia blotting away with our blotting pens in a frenzy of bingo madness! 

Clubs went non-smoking ages ago dontchya know? 

Anyhow, I hope she enjoys it.

I hope she can hear it. 

It mightn’t be near as exciting as her $500 win on the pokies yesterday, but it’s still an afternoon out with her favourite grand-daughter-in-law in plush club comfort surrounded by other people.   

I just have to remember not to try to follow whatever stories she may try to tell me so that my head doesn’t explode! 

Nan’s stories, while fascinating, make my head spin. 

As interesting as it is knowing that she thinks my bro in law is a ‘ lying mongrel bastard’ and that my younest sis in law is ‘too interested in having men’s things stuck up her’ or that she’s disowned this child or that grandchild or whose weddings/funerals/christenings/birthdays etc she’s been to, it’s really hard to follow. 

Her stories drift in and out of each other and the next one is started before the last one is finished. A story may come back in again half an hour after it was begun and discarded. 

I got to love how she always makes herself out to be this placid, super polite, charming little ol’ duck when in reality she’s got a temper the size of Mt St Helen’s! 

Anyhow, wish me luck as I foray into the blue haired bingo maze and if I’m not back by 4pm, someone send out a search party!!



1. widdleshamrock - September 4, 2008

**snigger snigger**

Have fun with the blue rinse brigade.

2. Pure Evyl - September 4, 2008

I have always thought that the game should be called shit. Only one person yells bingo. Everyone else yells shit.

3. Dina - September 4, 2008

LOL at Pure Evyl.

I remember playing bingo with my grandparents.

Anyway, good luck with Nan and her stories.

4. river - September 4, 2008

B.I.NGO, B.I.NGO, B.I.NGO and BINGO was his name-o. I hope your Nan had fun. My mum used to love playing Bingo, I never saw the attraction myself. Still don’t, even though I’m now older than mum was when she played.
Had to laugh out loud at the BIL and SIL comments she made.

5. widdleshamrock - September 4, 2008

So how did it go ??

Did ya win ??

6. Bettina - September 4, 2008

Nah, didn’t win a thing. Was a cheap afternoon out though so is all good.

7. writerchick - September 5, 2008

She sounds like a hysterical little character. And yeah, be careful, those bingo lounges are deadly territory. God forbid you should move some little old lady’s card or distract her – she’ll be caning you in a flash.

8. Naomi - September 5, 2008

LOL – sounds like a wonderful day out 😉

Not so many elderly folk with blue and purple hair around as there were when I was a kid. Sad. I loved seeing one with blue hair tsk at a teen with green hair… 😀

9. tiff - September 5, 2008

Hope you had a fun time.
Bingo is always good for a laugh! Sometimes there is meat involved. My friend (who was Bingo addicted) often won the meat tray!

10. Jayne - September 5, 2008

You’re going to have to write down all of her stories you know, they sound like fun 😛

11. Bettina - September 5, 2008

Annie – she is quite a character and I managed to avoid getting my spleen removed by the blue rinse brigade 😉

Naomi – lmao!! No, not near as many with blue/purple hair these days……… and it was surprising how many of them I knew…… lol

Tiff – yeah we had fun. No meat trays just gift vouchers.

12. Bettina - September 5, 2008

Jayne – I think my head really would explode if I tried to make enough sense of the stories to write them down!! 😛

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