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And ‘She’ is at it again September 3, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, In Laws, Kids.

The MIL that is.

She showed up at PSLS’s nan’s house yesterday acting like the dutiful daughter because she had bought some people over from Grenfell for the day for the community transport service and she had some time to kill.

Ignored me completely when PSLS and I arrived so that I could shower Nan.

Ignored PSLS’s sis A when she arrived, just took off with her baby.

Scowled a lot when A made mention of us seeing bub regularly.

Tried to turn the conversation to discussion about her ‘dodgy hip’ and how she ‘shouldn’t even be driving’ when Nan commented to her about how I was helping her shower now. Mind you, I was the one using a farkin walking stick yesterday not her.

She never asked after our kids or A’s older son once.

Ignored A’s hubby later in the day, barging past him without acknowledging his greeting at their front door when dropping off a blanket A had left behind at Nan’s earlier.

Didn’t ask to see her grandson while she was there.

And she wonders why her kids are pissed off with her

*shakes head*



1. Anja - September 3, 2008

Stupid woman. She will lose out in the end. When nobody gives a flying f*** about her anymore maybe then she will examine her actions. Hmm, on second thought, she will blame EVERYONE apart from herself.

2. Bettina - September 3, 2008

I think that’s why she’s making such a point of ignoring me and J at the moment – it’s obviously our faults – we’ve turned her children against her *rolls eyes*

3. picklebums - September 3, 2008

She sounds almost as selfish as my MIL…. and I feel sorry for them both because they will end up sad and alone and too self centred to figure out why

4. Jayne - September 3, 2008

Can we parcel post our collective MIL’s to a deserted island – the sort that has no water, no food and no gorgeous half nekkid men?
Then again, you’re not allowed to put dangerous goods in the post 😛

5. widdleshamrock - September 3, 2008

Dear God in heaven !!!!!!

She is just downright rude rude RUDE !!!!!!

6. Gemisht - September 3, 2008

Karma will get her. Eventually. Its the waiting for it to happen that’s hard.

7. tiff - September 3, 2008

Family can be so weird.

8. Bettina - September 3, 2008

Anja – she’s already lost out and is too stupid to know it

Kate – yup

Jayne – lmao – probably need a dangerous goods licence to transport the cows around the country side!

WS – Rude is one word for it……….

Gem – Oh we don’t find it hard, we find it funny. Karma is already biting her, she’s just to stupid to take notice.

Tiff – weird……. yes. fubared is another term I would apply

9. Naomi - September 5, 2008

Aint family GREAT sometimes???


How does your hubby cope?

10. Bettina - September 5, 2008

He’s tried to disown her and avoids her whenever humanly possible 😉

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