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Screw Up Tuesday September 2, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Funny Stuff, Kids.

Just a quick one this week.

Quite apart from the usual assortment of people setting themselves on fire, taking the wrong turns, forgetting to pack stuff or mixing up their radio calls I have a simple story of a simple boy.

TJ and CJ stayed with my mum while we were away for the weekend.

I had left it up to the kids to pack their clothes for the weekend. TJ packed himself 2 pairs of jeans and some trackpants. On Saturday morning he came out wearing a pair of jeans only to have his sister crack up laughing and ask him what on earth he was doing wearing her 3/4 length jeans!!

And he wasn’t wearing any underwear so she doesn’t want them back until they ahve been washed!


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Widdle Shamrock




1. Jayne - September 2, 2008

Ewww boy germs LOL.

2. river - September 2, 2008

He wasn’t worried that he might get “caught” in the zipper?

3. widdleshamrock - September 2, 2008

Bahahahaha !!! Classic !!!!

I have done one my love, a widdle late.

4. lightening - September 2, 2008

Hey babe,

You won a giveaway on my blog:


I need your postage details ASAP so I can get the mags sent out to all the winners.



5. Casdok - September 2, 2008


6. Anja - September 3, 2008

Commando TJ. *giggles*

7. Pure Evyl - September 3, 2008

Gotta be careful when going commando. Zippers are not men’s friends.

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