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Improvising August 25, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Funny Stuff, Kids, TJ.

TJ spilt some water on the kitchen floor earlier. He had a go at mopping it up but decided that he should mark the area out that was wet so other people wouldn’t slip………. not having any witches hats he decided to improvise…………..

Who knew that we had a pantry cupboard full of hazard markers?

His father was proud, reckoned all that hazard control stuff from brigade was rubbing off! lol



1. Anja - August 25, 2008

Good thinking.

2. Bettina - August 25, 2008

Yes it was very good thinking………. just took me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on when I walked into the kitchen and saw that lol

3. Jayne - August 25, 2008

Next time I find the tomato sauce on the floor I won’t immediately blame the carnivorous cats 😛

4. leechbabe - August 25, 2008


Way to go TJ


5. widdleshamrock - August 25, 2008

lol, brilliant !!!!

Yes, cadet training is definately rubbing off.

6. Naomi - August 25, 2008

That’s GREAT thinking.

Although me in a coffee-desperation-haze? probably would’ve walked straight into them 😀

7. Gemisht - August 25, 2008

I’m with Naomi, I would have tripped over them. But great thinking there TJ.

8. magneto bold too - August 28, 2008

What an awesome child! I need that all around my house with signs ‘watch out for all the shit lying around’


9. Naomi - August 30, 2008

Kelley – if your place is anything like mine, then “WATCH OUT! Clear spot ahead!” signs would probably be easier. Although dusty from disuse.

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