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A question of Heritage? August 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, Kids, TJ.

The kids came with me the other day to a really nice gift store in town to pick something out for the baby. I was looking for a nice teddy bear as per PSLS’s instructions but also after something else small and cute to from us as well.

We found just the thing.

A small, plush, pink and purple stegosaurus with a rattle in it.


We had the presents gift wrapped and after getting our car jump started because the stupid fucker broke down on me again headed up to the hospital.

TJ insisted on giving the small gift with the dinosaur second.

Aunty A thought it was gorgeous!

TJ immediately grabbed it back off her and proceeded to play with it, all the while chatting about how cool it was and how he’d like to keep it.(yeah I know – weird boy)

Aunty A tells him he can’t and that he can’t be an Indian giver.

He promptly asks me if we have any Indian in us.

I tell him no, that we have a bit of dutch and a bit of Scots and a wee bit of Irish and some English but definitely no Indian.

At which point he tells him aunt in all seriousness that she’s right, he can’t be an Indian giver!




1. Anja - August 22, 2008

I know this mega sexy guy called Kumar if you would like a little Indian in you. đŸ˜‰

2. Jayne - August 22, 2008

LMAO Anja!

3. widdleshamrock - August 22, 2008

lol. Gorgeous TJ !!!!!!!!!!

And bahahahahaha Anja.

4. Dina - August 22, 2008


That made me laugh ; )

5. Talia - August 22, 2008

Bahahha, You gotta love kids!!

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