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Hijacked! August 20, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Family, Funny Stuff, Gifts, Hubby, In Laws, Kids.

No, I wasn’t on a plane.

But I was still hijacked. First by a little old lady and then by a little new lady.

I suppose I should explain………..

I was sitting at home yesterday, surfing the net sticky beaking at all ya’ll business, minding my own business when PSLS rings.

“Have you heard anything yet?”

I’m all “No and hello to you too”

After reassuring him that I would ring him the INSTANT I heard how his sis and bub were doing he hung up again and I got back to sticky beaking at ya’lls business while minding my own business.

Half an hour later a car pulls up ON MY FRONT LAWN and starts beeping their horn at me. Wondering who the hell this dickhead in brown commodore was and wondering where the fire is, I wander out the front door to find that it is PSLS’s uncle S and his Nan (the little old lady).

They very excitedly tell me that they have just applied for a house in town and will move as soon as they get one. Then they insisted that I grab my purse and keys and go for a drive around town with them so they can show me the house. They showed me the house (turns out it’s my sister’s old place), and then they showed me the other fifty billion dozen houses that they looked at.

I have to say at this point that I really don’t mind being dragged all over town in my ‘yoga pants that I wore to bed last night and my comfy old jumper with no bra, not having had a shower or brushed my hair or anything yet this morning’ cos I’m just too damn relieved that they are moving over here and out of the sink hole pit they are currently in.

We pull up back at my house and PSLS rings again.

“It’s a girl” he tells me.

I hand the phone to his Nan. He talks to her for a few minutes, she’s so happy she’s nearly in tears.

I ask PSLS how his sis sounded and whether he thought she’d mind me taking Nan up soonish – he tells me that his sis was just going to get cleaned up, but he thought it would be fine.

Uncle S wants to go up to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. He assures me that she’ll be back from the bathroom and cleaned up by the time we get there. I don’t think he realised she was having a c section and wouldn’t be moving real quick.

To stall, I insist on getting changed and putting on some deoderant. Then when I hop back in the car I tell him we have to go get my kids from school cos I promised I wouldn’t go up without them. I was hoping that it would take a few minutes to find them giving the SIL a bit more time.

The school principal was in the office when I walked in and pissed himself laughing over my explanation of why I wanted the kids, though he was more than happy to call them up to the office for me.

So we all pile in the car and head up to the hospital to visit the baby (the new little lady).

The rest of my afternoon was spent getting a crash course in assisting the very old with their personal care and laughing at my children screw up their noses at the personal care of the very young.




PSLS bought our girls each a special teddy bear each when they were little and he wanted to get one for his new niece as well. I managed to find a gorgeous plush pink bear with ‘My First Bear’ embroidered onto it. It is just gorgeous, although a wee bit bigger than bub at the moment. At a mere 6 pounds 6 ounces she’s teeny.

(sorry the pic isn’t great)


The stupid MIL was hopping mad that her mum new about and saw the bub before she even found out about her arrival. But did she learn anything? No. And she was spitting chips by the time she found herself a lift over and was told that her partner was NOT welcome to visit.

*sigh* stupid woman never learns!



1. Jayne - August 20, 2008

She’s a real sweetie, Bettina 🙂
Not much difference between the needs of the elderly and the young – give ’em each a Guinness and they’ll sleep through anything 😛
Congrats on PSLS’s Nan moving closer 🙂

2. leechbabe - August 20, 2008

She is an adorable baby.

Sounds like you enjoyed your hijack day 😀

3. dancingwithfrogs - August 20, 2008

You forget that they were ever that small….

(Come to think of it, mine never were…. 7lb 7oz was the smallest baby I ever produced.)

Congratulations on the new arrival.

4. Anja - August 20, 2008

That’s one hectic day!

The bubba is adorable. 🙂

5. Anja - August 20, 2008

Oh yeah, you’re tagged.

6. Pure Evyl - August 20, 2008

What a little cutie.

7. tiff - August 20, 2008

Looks like it was worth the hijacking! She’s adorable. Congrats Auntie!

8. Bettina - August 20, 2008

lol Jayne! – they both have the occasional accident too 😉

Marita – yup! 🙂 I had a ball.

Frogdancer – my smallest was 7 lb 13oz so she’s way smaller than any of mine were

Anja – just a bit. Thanks darl.

Evyl – aint she just! 🙂

Tiff – definitely worth the hijacking. Ta. 🙂

9. magneto bold too - August 20, 2008

Ovaries a flutter….


10. widdleshamrock - August 20, 2008

So cutie cutie !!!!!

11. river - August 20, 2008

Oh my gosh she’s gorgeous! At 6lb 6oz she’s bigger than 3 of mine were. Sounds like you had a truly happy day.

12. Bettina - August 21, 2008

Kelley – yes a bay-beee

WS – definitely!

river – yes she’s gorgeous. You must have had little babies!

13. planningqueen - August 22, 2008

what divine little package and how thoughtful of uncle to buy a lovely teddy.

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