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Wet and Wild! August 10, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Hubby, Ramblings.
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Was how my weekend turned out to be.

Wet not only because I spent a good whack of every evening in the spa bath in our en suite! (Bliss! It was a very welcome surprise) but also because it rained. Then it was sunny then it rained some more and on the way home it was sunny

then it rained,

then snowed,

then rained,

then rained some more,

then snowed,

then hailed,

then snowed,

then snowed heavier,

then rained,

then sunshowered,

then rained,

then sunshowered again,

then out came the rainbows,

followed by more cloud, sprinkling, rainbows and intermittent sunshine.


And all in the space of two hours.

Wild, because not only was my husband getting worried about the thickness of our motel room walls, but driving home on unfamiliar roads during unfamiliar weather was ……… shall we say interesting.

Wet and muddy we are familiar enough with, but snowy roads, not so much. I nearly shit myself when the car started sliding sideways as we started up a snow covered hill road. We figured 4 wheel drive was best after that.

So, that’s my weekend in a nutshell.

How was yours?



1. Pure Evyl - August 11, 2008

I was thinking of something totally different when I saw the post’s title. 😉

2. dancingwithfrogs - August 11, 2008

Sounds like a typical day in Melbourne. You know the saying:
“What? You don’t lkike this weather? Just stick around for a few minutes. It’ll be different.”

3. anja - August 11, 2008

Far out. You nearly qualified for four seasons in one day.

OH NO!!! Did I say “Four Seasons In One Day?”

Now the kneecappin’ lassie will be getting Wet and Wild. 😉

4. leechbabe - August 11, 2008

:: blink ::



That is pretty cool, well except for the having to drive in it part, that is not so cool, except that it would have been cool because snow is cold by its very nature…

I have no idea what I’m saying anymore.

Am super envious that you got snow, I’ve only ever seen it once.

Wet weather is best spent snuggled up in bed with someone to play with 😉

5. Bettina - August 11, 2008

Evyl – That was kinda my intention 😉 lol

Frogdancer – I had heard that about Melbourne.

Anja – you certainly know how to set the Irish one’s knees a wobbling.

Leechbabe – I know. wow. Was my first real experience with snow.

6. Jayne - August 11, 2008

With all that rain you had no hope of gettin’ down and dirty for the weekend 😛

7. Bettina - August 11, 2008

Actually 😉 ……….. we’ve got to go clean the vehicle we used cos it’s pretty dirty……….. lol 😆

8. picklebums - August 11, 2008

OMG wild is an understatement!!!

9. Bettina - August 11, 2008

that completely snowed over road with the tyre tracks coming down the other side of the road is the one that we went for a slide on. I’d just taken then pic before we started sliding actually.

wild indeed!

10. tiff - August 11, 2008

Wow! That sounds like one wild weekend!

11. Bettina - August 11, 2008

But boy was it fun Tiff!

12. brissiemum2 - August 11, 2008

Omg! That was so funny! Ok, not funny at the time but hilarious to read about. Maybe cause that’s what would probably happen to us as well! And it looks blawdy cold! Brrrrrrr! Glad we have Qld winter sunshine atm. Makes me glad to be able to warm up! Lol!

Oh and far out at the slipping tyres! I think I would have shit myself, too! 🙂

13. river - August 11, 2008

“And all in the space of two hours”.

Sounds just like Adealaide, except for the snow.

Lovely photos.

14. Talia - August 11, 2008

Snow!! That is SO cool!

15. Bettina - August 12, 2008

Brissiemum – it was funny! Hubby was laughing at me laughing in delight at the snow. We laughed a lot on that trip!

River – thanks darl. I’ve never been to Adelaide. I must sometime.

Talia – I KNOW!!

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