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Dirty weekend? August 8, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

I wish.

PSLS and I are off this afternoon to a conference for the weekend.

He’s packing notebooks and pens and highlighters like he’s expecting to go to a training course and make me take copius amounts of notes for him, I’m packing swimmers and hoping the enclosed indoor heated pool at the motel will be available for use!

I just hope the housesitter remembers to feed the rabbit as well as the cats and dog!



1. Anja - August 8, 2008

Have a fun one. Copy some of *that* blog for him to read. He won’t care about highlighters after that. 🙂

2. Jayne - August 8, 2008

Hope you have a great time you dirty gal 😛

3. widdleshamrock - August 8, 2008

You’ll still have the nights !!!!!

You can talk about fire hoses during the day and …………..

4. leechbabe - August 8, 2008

Too funny if only because hubby and I would be in the reverse positions 😀

5. river - August 8, 2008

Better hope the housekeeper doesn’t feed the rabbit TO the cat and dog……..

Fire hoses eh?

6. Crazy Dan - August 8, 2008

Join the viral campaign on Evyl’s mom and vote her for freak of the week at http://purefnevyl.wordpress.com/

7. magneto bold too - August 9, 2008

oooooh, it is so a dirty weekend! Be extra extra naughty and we wanna hear all about it.

8. widdleshamrock - August 9, 2008

I got a text to say the hotel spa.

However, Sat morning saw a visitor that would spoil any shananigans.

9. Anja - August 10, 2008

Crap! You mean PSLS got ‘red flagged’?

10. Bettina - August 10, 2008

it is not physically possible for my body to red flag my husband any more! LOL

No, it was worse, we bumped into his mother *gasps*

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