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What do you mean you don’t eat vegetables? August 7, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

Tj has made a friend on the bus.

This friend has been up to our house to visit 12 out of the previous 14 days.

Last weekend he spent more time at our house than at his dad’s house, where he stays on weekends. I keep having to send this child home when we go out or so we can get homework done.

I heard him at one stage last weekend ask TJ what we were having for lunch. I told them soup and offered him some. He said that he’d already had lunch and when I asked him what he’d had, he explained that he’d had biscuits and chocolate milk.

He slept over last weekend on Friday night. He asked TJ if he could have cereal for tea cos he wasn’t sure about what I was cooking. I called him out to the kitchen and asked him what vegies he ate………. he told me none. I nearly fell over. Then I quite firmly told him that in our house, we have to try everything on our plates, and have two good spoonfuls of everything even if we don’t eat it all. He reluctantly agreed, ate his tea and came back for seconds.

Makes you wonder………….



1. dancingwithfrogs - August 8, 2008

Can you imagine how constipated that kid must be?

2. Bettina - August 8, 2008

I hadn’t even thought of that! Ewww! But yes, very I would imagine.

3. Jayne - August 8, 2008

Lordy, I’d hate to see that kid’s full blood test results!
He might knock his parent’s for 6 if he ever asks for vegies lol.

4. Anja - August 8, 2008

The kid has problems. *sigh*

5. widdleshamrock - August 8, 2008

Oh, I didn’t think of the constipated bit either, poor sausage.

6. leechbabe - August 8, 2008

My girls pre-schools have a strict fruit and veg policy only for snacks. I’m astonished by how agonising many parents find this. And yeah it is the children that suffer from the lack of fruit and veg.

7. river - August 8, 2008

That’s so sad, all those tastes and textures the poor kid is missing out on. Hopefully the dinner at your house may nudge him into asking for “something different” at home. Perhaps if he comes around as frequently you could show him a liitle of how vegetables are prepared and cooked, maybe show him a recipe book and let him see how exciting different foods are and how many ways to prepare things. Of course this is his parents job, but they’re not doing it. you’d maybe have to be prepared for some sort of backlash from them.

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