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Bloody Idiots! August 6, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Car, Ramblings.
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Driving home from shopping at the next town over today, we drove down the hill, around a huge sweeping bend, up and around another smaller bend and up a hill only to be slowed down by a gravel truck pulling out of a quary on it’s way to a roadworks site in the next village.

We were arguing over who was going to get the donut with the chocolate icing AND chocolate flake sprinkles on it.

We had to slow down considerably when we approached the truck, but knew that it would be turning off in just a few kilometres at the bridge.

We then watched in horror as not one but two cars bearing P plates over took us, had to hit the anchors VERY hard to avoid running up the back of the truck and then over took the truck, crossing over double white lines on the crest of a freakin hill for gods sake!

About 30 seconds after they got a past a truck crested the hill coming in the opposite direction.

Stupid farkin kids have no idea!

I hope they get done for speeding and have the licences taken off them before they kill someone!!

I hope it’s not our brigade that gets called out to clean up their mess if they do.



1. Dina - August 7, 2008

I hate when people do stuff like that. Do they not have any idea how dangerous it is?

It’s one thing to put your own life in danger, but horrible to put other people’s lives in danger too.

2. Anja - August 7, 2008

Gebus wheezus.

It’s your guys who have to find them and our lot that make the time call on them. Every bloody time it happens you shake your head. Stupid, senseless. *sigh*

3. jeanie - August 7, 2008

It should be lesson number one – before the key in ignition lesson – getting there 10 minutes later is better than never.

4. widdleshamrock - August 7, 2008

I wonder if a smack to the head would do anything !!!

You have blog bling at my place.

5. Pure Evyl - August 7, 2008

The young often think that they will live forever. Hopefully they will learn their lesson before they take someone else out with them.

6. river - August 7, 2008

These lessons are clearly laid out in the manual they have to study and pass a test on to get their learner’s permit. how quickly they forget.
I always told my two young drivers, “go a little more slowly, take a little more care, the house, theatre, park, whatever will still be there even if you are a few minutes late.Iif you’re that worried about being late, then leave home a little earlier.”
Thankfully, they listened.

7. Bettina - August 7, 2008

Dina – absolutely

Anja – it’s bloody ridiculous isn’t it!

Jeanie – Yes it should be lesson number one!

WS – thanks hon. Will pick it up at some stage….. as for the smack to the head – probably not.

Evyl – hopefully they will.

River – it’s good to know that some young ones listen. Unfortunately the ones that don’t often cause others much heartache.

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