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Screw Up Tuesday August 5, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Blogging stuff, Funny Stuff, Hubby.

I dunno that it’s a screw up, but it’s certainly screwed up that everytime I start back at the gym, my pelvis gets knocked about of alignment and I’m in pain within a fortnight. Something is obviously not agreeing with me there. I have an appointment with my trainer on Thursday to start eliminating certain exercises and machines to figure out what the problem is.

In actual screw ups this week……….. hmmm………… let me see………….

PSLS dug up our sweet potatos before they’d had a chance to do anything and tried to tell me that they’d produced only one half rotten one each………….. he then tried to blame the dog when I explained that they were freakin tubers and needed to grow above the ground before they reproduced below the ground

PSLS also proved what a mechanical whizz he is by having a quick squiz at TJ’s bike tyre, deciding without really testing it that it was OK because he couldn’t *see* any holes, pumped the flat tyre up, declared it fixed and then wondered why it was flat again a few hours later.

PSLS then decided to have a spin in the kitchen and make some lamingtons………. I caught him using one of my thin plastic mixing bowls  to make runny icing  balanced on top of a saucepan of boiling water. When asked why he didn’t just zap it in the microwave or use the damn double boiler he just stared at me rather doe eyed and said “What? Isn’t this a heat proof bowl?” *shakes head*

So what about you?

What did you screw up this week?

Or better yet……….. what did your loved ones screw up this week that you would love to splash all over the internets for all the world to see?

Leave a comment and I’ll add your link to the Screw Up Tuesday Honour Roll. 🙂

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2. Jayne - August 5, 2008

Only one I can come up with right now is Feral Queen has a wisdom tooth coming through and rang me from work for both the vet’s and the dentist’s number, which I gave her.
Then she rang to say she was coming over as she felt awful.
Then she rang again to ask me to ring the vet and make her an appointment.
The vet?!
She rang back and asked me to ring the dentist instead lol.

3. anja - August 5, 2008

You need the PSLS eating snake.

4. jodi - August 5, 2008

How’s about a combined screwup?

3.12pm. Walking out the door to collect the big kid from school.
3.13pm Check where car keys are
3.14pm Double back to grab something I’d forgotten
3.15pm Sail out back door

Without the keys.

3.15.30 Check for the hidden key


3.16pm Call Bloke of the House who advises me that the current location of the spare key is inside the house; and his current location is up the top of a crane.

3.16.45pm Transmit hairy eyeball look down telephone. Bloke agrees to get off crane and come home
3.17pm Call school to advise that I shall be late.

3.45pm Bloke finally arrives (how long does it take to get off a crane anyway?) replaces the spare key and returns to work
3.50pm Collect Big Kid from school

Bring home cranky large child to fight with equally cranky small child who has been hanging out for a fight *all* day.

Oh the joys.

5. river - August 5, 2008

Let’s see, I screwed.. oh wait, I don’t want the world to know that. umm, screwed up the cooking of the rice for dinner, cooked it with some leftover beef stock so it would have more flavour than plain rice, but the sausage hotpot I was serving it with has a highly flavoured sauce, so the two together didn’t really go well.

6. Lisa Black - August 5, 2008

Yes, I ventured out again and had a little screw up… For you all to enjoy.


7. magneto bold too - August 6, 2008

I think MPS’s biggest screw up was trying to mess with me. Man has a freaking death wish.

Somewhat like yours.

Did you slap him upside the head? cause it was the perfect opportunity!

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