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Such A Small World July 28, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

The internet.

Isn’t it?

You read someone’s blog post, see a comment you liked or nodded your head at, so click on that person’s name, go read their blog, click on someone else’s name and so on and so forth until you find yourself 20 blogs down the track still following the comment trail to places unknown or in some cases known as you find yourself back in your own familiar territory.

I was showing hubby my stats the other day and he was gobsmacked at the places my visitors come from.

Canada, Texas, Adelaide, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, London, San Diego, Montreal, Dehli, Nambour, Wellington, Dublin, Christchurch, Istanbul, Boston, Denver, Milan, Sydney.

I’ve had visitors from the Netherlands (we could be related? no? ok), Poland, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Finland, the Philipines, Russia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Sweden (are you one of our pilgrims? no? ok), Germany, Italy, Ireland, Canada and of course the good ol’ U S of A.

Closer to home there are visitors from New Zealand, all over NSW, QLD, Victoria, some from the ACT and SA.

He was even more astounded when I was able to point out who just about all of the repeat visitors were.

Except for two  visitors from New Zealand. My one from Auckland City Council and another from Christchurch who uses Bay City Communications.

I haven’t seen the visitor from Auckland City Council since I waved to them in my comments. Previous to that I had been getting 6 – 10 visits a day. Highly suspicious behaviour that they were up to no good if you ask me.

And as for Bay City Communications…….. well, if you are spying for a certain paranoid nutcase bitch, who I presume is my Auckland City Council visitor, then you can fuck right off too.

I’m not interested in your pathetic bullshit.

I don’t visit you, I don’t spam you, I have better things to do with my time.

You reckon you have things logged and can prove any of your paranoid delusions? Then have me charged or make a complaint to the relevant people. The only stalker here is you. But of course you are very good at accusing others of the things you yourself are doing. Guilty conscience perhaps?

The only thing you are accomplishing with your bullshit is to push away the person you are trying so desperatly to hold onto with your constant made up stories of persecution.

Edit – (to Bay City Communications visitor, If you aren’t the above mentioned stalker’s spy bitch, then say hello sometime and thanks for stopping by.)



1. Pure Evyl - July 28, 2008

It is indeed a small ‘sphere. It always amazes me how some things resonate the world over.

2. Anja - July 28, 2008

Evyl’s got quite the little poem for that scum sucking retard, B. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it being used for the right person.

3. Bettina - July 28, 2008

Cool, does it involve euthanasia at all? Cos I’m sure the only cure for this fucktard is a good long nap 😉

4. Jayne - July 28, 2008

The ol’ Tontine treatment is a good cure, Bettina 😉

5. Bettina - July 28, 2008

It comes highly recommended by WS as a cure all for annoying people too 😉

6. lightening - July 28, 2008

*shakes head* I am SO glad I’m Naive when it comes to all this stuff. Reading around some of my blogs at the moment I’m starting to wonder if the entire internet has gone mad.

I think I might just crawl back in my “no idea WHAT they are talking about” hole.

7. Bettina - July 28, 2008

oh it’s just crap Lightening.

I’d join you in that hole, but I’d still get accussed of getting other people to harrass the stupid cow.

8. widdleshamrock - July 28, 2008

Well, I’m sorry, I would like to say something profound or something as I am involved in this, but I read your title and can’t keep humming Disney’s ‘It’s a small world’

Can I blame jet lag ????

BTW I loved meeting you, did I tell you that ???One or 20 times ??

9. Gemisht - July 28, 2008

I’m with Lightening – what the hell is going on around the blogosphere at the moment??? Did everyone have brain snaps all at the same time or something. Its like they all lost the plot at the same time.

Weird aint it…. I wish that they would all go back to their own little holes and leave the rest of the net in peace

10. Bettina - July 28, 2008

WS – bl;ame jet lag all you like 😉 I loved meeting you too.

Gem – I know. It’s insane! Maybe everyone has the mid winter blues……… hold on. that theory doesn’t explain those damn americans going psycho does it?

*shrugs* are we due for a full moon or something?

11. Gemisht - July 28, 2008

Hey B, sorry to break it you but we just had a full moon, And yeah, the Northern Hemisphere people can’t use the winter blues for their excuse but the southerners can 🙂

12. river - July 28, 2008

I love the multicultural aspect of the blogosphere. Views, ideas, even recipes from all over the world. Such a friendly way to learn new stuff and make “virtual” friends.

13. Casdok - July 29, 2008

And dont forget the UK!!
So sorry to hear you have had some bullshit. I hope they have got the message.

14. Dina - July 29, 2008

I think there’s good blog stalking and then bad creepy blog stalking.

I had someone who was angry at me and then coming on my blog multiple times a day. I guess they don’t understand that we can track them.

15. Bettina - July 29, 2008

lol Gem! i knew it!! 😉

River – I do too. I love getting glimpses into the worlds of other people who I may never ordinarily meet and I love finding people who I connect with in other places in the world.

Casdok – I didn’t’ forget the UK! lol I hope they get the message too

Dina – this is creepy stalking and she’s very angry at me. Thinks that I’m blocking her from being friends with someone else that she’s desperate to hang onto. Doesn’t seem to realise that my being friends with this same person doesn’t stop her from being so too. The other thing she doesn’t understand is that some of the stuff she reckons has happened can’t possibly have – like my partial user name showing up on her blog stats. That would only happen if I used that actual name which I don’t and if I had a link directly to her blog, which I don’t and if I actually visited her blog, which I didn’t even know where it was. Ignorance is a splendid thing apparently.

16. Dina - July 29, 2008


That IS creepy. Sorry.

I hope she goes away and/or apologizes.

17. birdpress - July 29, 2008

I just happened to get here by following a blog trail myself. Now I am utterly confused! 😕

18. Bettina - July 29, 2008

Dina – I hope so too – I’d be happy with just going away.

Birdpress – Hi! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Following the blog trail from comments and links on others blogs is how we travel isn’t it? lol Who needs a seach engine when you can find so many great blogs by following the linky trail to parts unknown

19. scrappydo - July 29, 2008

See, now I began reading it and thinking, yeash, it’s pretty cool how people get to travel all over with the mere click of a few buttons. Before long, suddenly you see names of commenters on blogs that you didn’t expect to, then and when you click on them, they take you to other places where you can “bump” into people you least expect.

OK – now, I know that doesn’t actually make a lot of sense coming out from teh fingertips, but I soooo know what I mean! LOL

And as for blog stalking – it’s getting more than a tad old that particular story I feel. Must admit, it’s weird seeing a particular name come up on all the blogs that are on a particular blogroll – stalking by proxy?? Who knows, and MAAAAAN, I hope the stalker goes away. Soon!

20. Bettina - July 29, 2008

we wuvs you Scrappy!

I know exactly what you mean. I frequently travel the blogosphere by clicking on interesting comments.

21. Nicki - July 31, 2008

You have uged to me make a comment – I’m a stalker but arrived here from scrappbooking links.

22. Bettina - July 31, 2008

hi Nicki.

You left a link so that makes you officially not a troll so you is a good stalker 😉

thanks for commenting.

23. magneto bold too - July 31, 2008

We need to write a standard blog post to all arsehat trolls. And then allow all those that feel intimidated by this childish behaivour to use it. Cause day-um, they need a verbal lashing.

24. Bettina - July 31, 2008

Good idea Kelley! A standard virtual 2 x 4 that can be passed to any who need it.

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