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Ok, so here is all the juicy goss…. July 22, 2008

Posted by Mistress B in Ramblings.

I know some of you are hanging out to find out if the coven crashed world youth day!Ā  lol

The coven met up at a certain Sydney hotel on Friday night around 7pm. As Widdle Shamrock had not had any dinner, we wandered off in search of a place to eat, chatting happily away as we did so. We thought we smelled whacky tobaccy at one stage during our wander, but thought better of going to find the source and asking where ours was lol šŸ˜‰ Before we knew it we’d wandered for ages without sighting anything that looked remotely familiar so settled on the golden arches in lieu of real food.

This particular golden arch lay on the pilgram pathway to central station. So we are sitting outside, eating our *cough* cardboard food whilst watching volunteers wave around red traffic wands directing the pilgrims and being serenaded by one helper who was singing into a portable megaphone “swing low, sweet chariot, this way to central station…..”

It was all rather surreal, but loads of fun so we decided to join the pilgrimage to central ourselves and followed the traffic wand road with the sea of yellow and orange backpacks to the train station where we hopped on the next train to Circular Quay after deciding to take ferry for a late night spin around the harbour.

We get to the wharf and explain to the lady in the ticket booth that we’d just like to take a trip around and come back to which she replies while rolling her eyes “That’s what they all want tonight, just hop on which ever one you like” while waving in the general direction of the ferries behind her.

We hop on and Widdle Shamrock is marvelling at the sight of our beautiful harbour bridge all lit up at night when we realise that none of us thought to bring our damn cameras!! We felt like dickheads, and I mean who wouldn’t. We were sitting on the front deck of a ferry at 10:30 at night, freezing our arses off with no evidence to show for it! lol We do apologise. What can I say? We are doofuses! lmao

We decided to retire inside the ferry about halfway round the trip only to find ourselves sharing space with more eager young pilgrims having theological discussions on just how much Jesus loves them (oh yes he does!) and laughed till our cheeks hurt while making up possible answers to the question “Do you know Jesus?” (“cos he’s missing”, “cos he reads your blog” etc).

I got to say. I’ve met a couple of people from “the internet” before and it was a little hit and miss. Some were just like their emails, others….. it was awkward. This. This was like meeting up with old friends. Instantly comfortable, instantly familiar, instantly connected.

We hopped off the ferry back at Circular Quay and decided to try out luck getting a bus back to the hotel that Widdle Shamrock and I would be staying at that night only to realise that there were no helpful maps/timetables etc in the bus shelters and that we had no idea which bus we needed to catch! It took us a few guesses and probably 15 minutes to even remember/work out what street our damn hotel was on which didn’t help matters any! lol Anyhow after speaking to a few not so helpful asshats bus drivers we happened to ask one who, depsite looking tired to the bone, was SOOOOOOOO helpful and very nice. She made sure to drop us a mere hop, skip and jump from the hotel.

WS and I needed to call it a night then cos we had to drive out home the next day (and it was nearly midnight). Well we tried to call it a night. We were both disturbed numerous times in the wee hours of the morning by what we initially thought were rowdy drunks coming in at 4:30am only to realise when we woke properly that they were actually more pilgrams leaving for their bridge crossing.

We (me and the green kiwi one) went down to the hotel dining room for breaky about 8:45 on Sat morning to gorge ourselves eat a healthy breakfast. It was really nice and we were just contemplating our overstuffed bellies getting a move on when a rather obnoxious, demanding lady caught my eye….. She had swept into the dining room minutes before the 9:30 cut off for breaky, demanded fresh this and that, instructed one of the dining staff to refill the orange juice container because it looked empty, then insisted that on speaking to the cook and demanding fresh softly poached eggs instead of the scrambled ones in the warmer as “I’ve been trying to get someone on the phone for half an hour to get my breakfast for me and now I’m going to be late and blah blah blah” at which point I’m rolling my eyes in her direction and thinking what a bitch!

I noticed one of the scrummy kitchen lads doing much the same thing. About the same time he notices me, noticing him, noticing me rolling my eyes at the bitch and starts nodding and smiling at me. WS and I start rolling our eyes and looking at him and the other staff while shaking our heads at the bit of works still telling the cook what was what. After she left the general vincinity, the nice young lad goes back to cleaning off the tables when WS calls him over and in a low voice says to him…. “When we’ve finished here…… could you come up to our room and polish my shoes. While I’m wearing them. And fluff the pillows and put a chocolate on them? Cos I rang half an hour ago and…” He’s pissing himself laughing, WS and I are nearly falling off our chairs laughing and the other kitchen lads want in on the joke. All four of them made a point of saying goodbye to us and wishing us a nice day. Bet they just wanted to kick the other piece up the butt for how she was speaking to them!

I will admit to doing my fair share of perving. I even held a damn elevator door to peek back around it at an cute bum or two and sighing, but WS *snigger* is shameless! We are checking out and she informs the desk girl how much we enjoyed the lovely boys in the dining room at which point the desk girl sighs and says she knows what we mean and admits to finding reasons during the day to go wandering through there herself! Meantime the guy on the desk is just looking at us all blankly wondering what the frig we were on about. LMAO!!

WS has promised to get pics for you all while she’s back there! šŸ˜‰ I shall txt her in the morning to remind her lol!

to be continued………….



1. Dina - July 23, 2008

I’m always nervous about meeting people from the Internet. To me, it’s scary enough just taking the PHONE call step.

I think it may help to spend a long period of time with someone–weekend or longer. Then if there’s initial awkwardness you can get past that.

I have some Internet friends I really want to meet. It’s funny. I consider them my best friends, but I’ve never seen them in real life.

Anyway, I hope when I finally meet them it goes as well as it has gone for you and Widdle Shamrock.

2. Dina - July 23, 2008

Oh and about the woman in the restaurant. I feel bad for the guys working, but who I feel most sorry for is the people who have to deal with her more often. Her spouse. Her children! Her friends.

Hopefully (maybe) she’s a pleasant woman and was just having a horrible day. But I doubt it.

3. Bettina - July 23, 2008

yeah, I hope she was just having a bad day too, but somehow I doubted it.

You should have seen some of the looks we got when people realised we met online lol!

4. Gemisht - July 23, 2008

PMSL at you all being on the Ferry, freezing your tits off and no camera.

And re the bus thing, I would so hate to be a tourist in Sydney with no idea where to get on and off and which one goes where. There are never any signs when you need them. At least the trains have pretty little colour coded maps so you have some idea. Looking forward to the next installment.

5. Jayne - July 23, 2008

No piccy’s on the ferry?!
That’s blasphemy for Her Holiness! šŸ˜›

6. kittypstar - July 23, 2008

Hi Bettina,
Thought it was about time I dropped by to say hello, and thank you for my fabulous porn star name. Thanks to you, I am no longer known as Kelley’s mad blonde stalker (Magneto Bold Too).

I’ve always struggled with Sydney streets and transport (coming from Hicksville, rural Australia, as I do). You must have excellent navigation skills, catching ferries and buses AND finding your way back to your hotel, all in the one night. Me, I’d still be milling around with the leftover pilgrims……..

7. river - July 23, 2008

To be continued? Oh bugger!!
And what do you mean You FORGOT. THE. CAMERAS. Damn, double damn, triple damn, hell!! You realise this means you’re going to have to repeat the whole visit again, this time WITH CAMERAS.

8. Bettina - July 23, 2008

Gem – yeah, the trains are much easier. This driver was really nice to us though.

Jayne – lol!

Kitty – hey! I love that you chose my name suggestion! I’m from hicksville in rural aus too……… I put it all down to sheer arse. šŸ˜‰

River – we literally forgot. We were sitting on the ferry shivering and all of a sudden realised that we didn’t have one. I tried to take pics with my camera on my mobile, but it went flat. Just was not meant to be *shrugs*

9. Gemisht - July 23, 2008

Hey B, you shouldnt have posted this. I coulda got on a ferry at night and got some photos of the harbour for you, emailed them, you post them and no one else would have been any the wiser. Well except you three and me LOL.

10. Bettina - July 23, 2008


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